White: Sacred Polyphony

White: Tudor Church Music
The Tallis Scholars - Peter Phillips
Gimell 030
Gimell 454 930


  1. Magnificat (à 6)
  2. Portio mea (à 5)
  3. Regina caeli (à 5)
  4. Christe qui lux es, III (à 5)
  5. Christe qui lux es, IV (à 5)
  6. Exaudiat te Dominus (à 7)
  7. Lamentations of Jeremiah (à 5)

Performers: Deborah Roberts, Ruth Holton, Sally Dunkley, Ghislaine Morgan, Tessa Bonner, Rachel Platt, Caroline Trevor, Robert Harre-Jones, Michael Lees, Ashley Stafford, Charles Daniels, Rufus Müller, Tom Phillips, Robert Johnston, Paul Agnew, Simon Davies, Richard Edgar-Wilson, Julian Walker, Francis Steele, Robert Evans, Donald Greig.

Playing time: 68'

Release date: April 1995

Robert White (c.1538-1574) was one of the primary composers of the generation between Tallis & Byrd (along with Parsons & Mundy). In White's case, it was his short life (death due to plague) which apparently caused him not to reach the highest positions at the English court. However, his music is astonishly rich in detail, combining the older and modern styles in complete harmony. In my opinion (as well as that of a few musicologists), White was the most interesting English choral composer of the period, and deserves to be much better known.

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