Gesualdo: Il Quarto Libro di Madrigali

Gesualdo: Il Quarto Libro di Madrigali, 1596
La Venexiana - Claudio Cavina
Glossa 920907
Glossa 920934


  1. Luci serene e chiare (5 voices)
  2. Tal'hor sano desio (5 voices)
  3. Io tacerò ma nel silentio (5 voices)
    In van dunque o crudele (seconda parte)
  4. Che fai meco mio cor (5 voices)
  5. Sento che nel partire (voice, 2 lutes)
  6. Questa crudele e pia (5 voices)
  7. Or che in gioia (5 voices)
    O sempre crudo Amore (seconda parte)
  8. Cor mio deh non piangete (5 voices)
    Dunque non m'offendete (seconda parte)
  9. Canzon francese del Principe (harpsichord)
  10. Sparge la morte al mio (5 voices)
  11. Moro, e mentre sospiro (5 voices)
    Quando di lui la sospirata vita (seconda parte)
  12. Mentre gira costei (5 voices)
  13. A voi, mentre il mio core (5 voices)
  14. Ecco, morirò dunque (5 voices)
    Ahi, già mi discoloro (seconda parte)
  15. Se taccio il duol s'avanza (voice, 2 lutes)
  16. Arde il mio cor (5 voices)
  17. Se chiudete nel core (5 voices)
  18. Il sol qual or più splende (5 voices)
    Volgi, mia luce (seconda parte)
  19. Mercè grido piangendo (5 voices)

Performers: Rossana Bertini (soprano), Emanuela Galli (soprano), Lucia Sciannimanico (mezzosoprano), Claudio Cavina (countertenor), Giuseppe Maletto (tenor), Sandro Naglia (tenor), Daniele Carnovich (bass), Franco Pavan (lute), Gabriele Palomba (lute), Fabio Bonizzoni (harpsichord)

Playing time: 68'

Recording date: March 2000 (Roletto)

Tracks Nos. 5 (second book), 9 (originally from Glossa 921501), 15 (second book), and 19 (fifth book) do not belong to Gesualdo's fourth book of madrigals and are labeled as "bonus" tracks.

The present book does not include the same level of daring as Gesualdo ultimately undertook in his fifth & sixth books, but is nonetheless a critical step in this evolution.

Although the musical quality of Gesualdo's output is an issue which seems to undergo periodic shifts in fashion, it has certainly remained the subject of some interest for its unusual progressions. More recent scholarship does stress the stylistic connections Gesualdo's madrigals have with those of his contemporaries, and indeed Gesualdo's music can be seen as old-fashioned for its continued contrapuntal (rather than chordal) emphasis and for its reluctance to embrace continuo.

In any case, Gesualdo's music has received a great deal of attention.

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Finally, Gesualdo's music has been appearing on record for decades now, often in contexts associated with modern music, and so the discography here is in no way complete. While not wanting to underestimate any inherent artistic merit they might have, most of those early recordings seem to exhibit a less than thorough knowledge of the musical context in which Gesualdo wrote, concentrating instead on the aspects which do not fit with 18th century tonality.

One older recording coming out of Stravinsky's circle:

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A famous & classic series in this sense:

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