Busnois: L'homme armé

Busnois: L'homme armé
Cantica Symphonia - Giuseppe Maletto
Glossa 31906


  1. Magnificat octavi toni
  2. L'homme armé (instrumental from Sanctus, Mass I)
  3. Kyrie (Mass VI)
  4. L'homme armé (instrumental from Hosanna, Mass II)
  5. Gloria (Mass VI)
  6. Doibt on doubter (instrumental from Christe, Mass III)
  7. Credo (Mass VI)
  8. On a fait partout crier que chascun se viengne armer (instrumental from Hosanna, Mass IV)
  9. Sanctus (Mass VI)
  10. D'un haubregon de fer (instrumental from Agnus Dei I, Mass V)
  11. Agnus Dei (Mass VI)

Performers: Laura Fabris (soprano), Francesca Cassinari (soprano), Lorenza Donaldini (soprano), Maria Teresa Nesci (soprano), Gianluca Ferrarini (tenor), Raffaele Giordani (tenor), Giuseppe Maletto (tenor), Fabio Furnari (baritone), Marco Scavazza (baritone), Mauro Borgioni (baritone), David Yacus (sackbut), Mauro Morini (sackbut), Guido Magnano (organ), Svetlana Fomina (fiddle), Efix Puleo (fiddle)

Playing time: 72'

Recording date: July & October 2008 (Roletto, Italy); released: 2009

Reviewed in:
Diapason (#-p.): 576-82 (Jan. 2010)
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.): 33/4-159 (March-April 2010)

Track #1 has been attributed to Busnois. The others came from the famous Neapolitan manuscript of six anonymous masses on L'homme armé. The six masses themselves treat the tune in different, but systematic, ways. The sixth mass gathers together many of the elements presented individually in the first five. This cycle, although not entirely complete, is therefore among the most impressive contrapuntal legacies of the period.

The notes for this recording do not make any further assurances or present any additional evidence that these masses are by Busnois. They note that this is the most widely accepted opinion, and also note a dissenting opinion that they are by Firminus Caron. The 6th mass, the one presented completely here, is the most cryptic of all based on the instructions given regarding the canons, and is also missing parts of the Agnus, reconstructed here. Sections of the first five masses are selected in order to highlight the manipulations given the L'homme armé theme in the other masses.

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