Firminus Caron (c.1440-c.1475) - A discography

This discography is presently in a preliminary state. It is believed to contain a substantial percentage of an eventual full listing, but has not been scoured for completeness or organized into sections based on individual works. It should prove informative nonetheless.

Discographic material below has been collected to this stage with substantial help from Pierre-F. Roberge.

Todd M. McComb

Bio Facts

Caron was one of the composers singled out by Tinctoris for praise, and I have now compiled preliminary discographies for each.

Caron possesses a scholarly "complete works" edition (1971-76), but had never had a dedicated recording until 2009 (ORF 3057). In fact, his name had never appeared in the title of a recording prior to this.

The edition uses Philippe as his first name, but here I have followed Fallows in the New Grove, 2nd edition.

Todd M. McComb


Original releases

(or first known)

  1. Anthologie sonore LD 3012 [LP]
    Musique du Moyen Age et début Renaissance
    Collegium Musicum, Krefeld - Robert Haas, dir.

  2. Calliope CAL 9511
    L'âge d'or de la musique en Picardie
    Les Ménétriers picards

  3. Christophorus CLP 75 514 [LP, 25cm, mono]
    Tänze und Chansons
    Instrumental musik um 1500
    Capella antiqua München - Konrad Ruhland, dir.

  4. Collegium Records JE 106 / 107 [LPx2]
    Music of Eastern Europe
    The Columbia University Collegium Musicum - Richard Taruskin, dir.

  5. Dorian CD-90301
    Music from the Odhecaton
    Celebrating the 500th Anniversary of the First Printed Music

  6. Dorian 93225
    The Diamond of Ferrara
    Music from the Court of Ercole I
    Ex Umbris

  7. ECM "New Series" 476 5780 [CD] or
    The Dowland Project: Romaria
    Love songs, chants and motets from 12th century to the present

  8. Fra Bernardo 120 730 2 [CDx3]
    Caron: Masses & Chansons
    The Sound and the Fury

  9. Harmonia Mundi HMU 907291
    Petrucci: Harmonice Musices Odhecaton

  10. L'Oiseau Lyre D 186 D4 (LPx4)
    Le Chansonnier Cordiforme
    Consort of Musicke - Anthony Rooley

  11. ORF "Alte Musik" 3057
    Firminus Caron 1
    Paradise regained - Polyphonie der Renaissance
    The sound and the fury

  12. Signum 039
    A Songbook for Isabella
    Music from the circle of Isabella d'Este
    Musica Antiqua of London - Philip Thorby

  13. Tactus 400006
    Alma, svegliate ormai
    Contrafacta devozionali nella musica italiana tra XV e XVI secolo
    Anonima Frottolisti

  14. Teldec AW 642625 [LP]
    Blockflötenmusik der Renaissance
    Wiener Blockflöten Ensemble


(or otherwise duplicated)

    No known releases.

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