Sumer is Icumen in

Sumer is Icumen in
Medieval English Songs
Hilliard Ensemble - Paul Hillier
Harmonia Mundi HMC 1154 [LP]
Harmonia Mundi HMC 40 1154 [Cassette]
Harmonia Mundi HMC 90 1154 [CD]
Harmonia Mundi "Musique d'abord" HMA 43 1154 [Cass.]
Harmonia Mundi "Musique d'abord" HMA 195 1154 [CD]


  1. Sumer is icumen in

  2. St. Godric: Three songs:
  3. Sainte Marie Viergene
  4. Crist and Sainte Marie
  5. Sainte Nicolas
  6. Fuweles in the frith
  7. Sancte Dei preciose. V. Ut tuo propitiatus
  8. Alleluya. V. Nativitas
  9. Kyrie. Rex virginum amator
  10. Sanctus. Maria mater egregia
  11. Agnus Dei. Factus homo
  12. Perspice Christicola
  13. Campanis cum cymbalis. Honoremus Dominam
  14. Mater ora filium
  15. Edi be thu
  16. Worldes blisse have good day
  17. Valde mane diluculo
  18. Gabriel fram heven-king
  19. Stond wel moder under roode
  20. Ovet mundus letabundus
  21. Gaude virgo mater Christi
  22. Campanis cum cymbalis

Performers: David Jones (countertenor), Rogers Covey-Crump (tenor), John Potter (tenor), Paul Elliott (tenor), Paul Hillier (bass), Michael George (bass)

Playing time: 54'

Recording site and date:
St-Jude-on-the-Hill, U.K. [09/1984]
Rel. 1985 (HMC), 1986 (HMC 40 & 90), 2002 (HMA)

[3] Harmonia mundi "Passerelles" HMB 590 017 / 18 [CDx2 + book] Les Contre-ténors - Mythes et Réalités (with a book by Peter Giles)
[12]-[13] Harmonia Mundi "Century" HMX 290 8168 [CD] Une révolution de l'esprit et de la musique (XIVe siècle) / An intellectual revolution in music - Le siècle de l'Ars nova / Ars Nova, A Revolution in the Late Middle Ages
[12]-[14], [17], [20] Harmonia mundi HMX290 649 / 654 [CDx6] Les Très Riches Heures du Moyen-Âge - A Medieval Journey

This is an all-male vocal recording from the oldest surviving sources in England. There are a variety of genres, including St. Godric's songs, polyphonic organa, and the famous title track.

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