Carmina Burana

Carmina Burana
Le Grand Mystère de la Passion – The Great Mystery of the Passion
Ensemble Organum – Marcel Pérès
Harmonia Mundi HMC40 1323 / 24 [Cass. x2]
Harmonia Mundi HMC 901323 / 24 [CDx2]
Harmonia Mundi HMA 1901323 / 24 [CDx2]
Harmonia Mundi HMG 501323 / 24 [CDx2]



    Procession: Entry of the Celebrants
  1. Hymn Vexilla regis

  2. Preparation and procession for palm Sunday
  3. Antiphon Cum appropinquaret Dominus Jerosolymam
  4. Antiphon Cum audisset populus
  5. Hymn Gloria laus

  6. Mary Magdalene the sinner
  7. Mary Magdalene Mundi delectatio
  8. The intervention of the Merchant / Mary Magdalene Michi confer, venditor
  9. The first intervention of the Angel O Maria Magdalena
  10. The intervention of the Lover / The Courtesans Wol dan, minnekliche chint
  11. The second intervention of the Angel O Maria Magdalena
  12. A Courtesan Mundi delectatio
  13. The third intervention of the Angel O Maria Magdalena
  14. The remorses of Mary Magdalene Heu, vita preterita
  15. The fourth intervention of the AngelO Maria Magdalena
  16. The renouncement of Mary Magdalene Hinc, ornatus seculi

  17. In Simon's House – The absolution of Mary Magdalene
  18. Chanters: Responsory Accessit ad pedes Iesu
  19. Mary Magdalene's prayer Iesus troest der sele min
  20. Jesus: The absolution of Mary Magdalene Fides tua salvum te fecit
  21. Lamentations of Mary Magdalene on her sins Awe, awe

  22. The Resurrection of Lazarus
  23. Burial procession: Antiphon Ego sum resurrectio
  24. The Resurrection of Lazarus
  25. The Profession of Lazarus: Responsory Si ambulem in medio umbre mortis

  26. The betrayal of Judas
  27. The betrayal of Judas O pontifices, o viri magni consilii

  28. Procession before mass
  29. Responsory Ingrediente Domino

  30. Palm Sunday Mass
  31. Introit Domine, ne longe facias
  32. Gradual Tenuisti manum dexteram meam
  33. CD-2

  34. Tract Deus, Deus meus

  35. The Passion of Our Saviour Jesus Christ
  36. Jesus on the mount of Olives
  37. The arrest of Jesus
  38. Prayer of holy women: Responsory Angelis suis
  39. The denial of Peter Comprehendentes autem eum

  40. The trial
  41. The councel of chief priests Collegerunt pontifices
  42. Responsory Astiterunt reges terrae
  43. Jesus in front of Pilate and Herod
  44. Responsory Astiterunt reges terrae
  45. Jesus in front of Pilate

  46. The flagellation of Jesus
  47. Responsory Omnes amici mei
  48. The last dialogue between Pilate and Jesus

  49. The remorse of Judas
  50. The remorse of Judas Penitet me graviter

  51. Lamentations of the women of Jerusalem on the way of the Cross
  52. Lamentations of the women of Jerusalem on the way of the Cross

  53. Golgotha
  54. The crucifixion
  55. Lamentations of Marys Awe, awe
  56. Flete fideles
  57. Mary Planctus ante nescia
  58. John and the last words of Jesus Christ

  59. The deposition
  60. Hymn Crux fidelis

Ensemble Organum
Marcel Pérès (narrator), François Fauché (Jesus), Josep Benet Caiaphas), Josep Cabré (The Priest, Longinus), Astrid Maugard (Mary), Pasquale Mourey (Martha, a courtesan), Bruno Boterf (Judas), Cyrille Gerstenhaber (Mary Magdalena), Dominique Visse (the Angel), Antoine Sicot (the merchant), Philippe Cantor (Pilate), Samuel Husser (the Lover, John), Florence Limon (a courtesan, the maid-servant), Malcolm Bothwell (Peter, Herode), Laurence Brisset, Pascale Poulard
Marcel Pérès, dir.

Playing time: 70' 54" + 77' 40" = 2h 28' 34'

Recording site and date:
Abbaye d'Ambronay, France [11/1989];
Rel. 1990 (HMC), 1999 (HMA)

[13] Harmonia mundi "Passerelles" HMB 590 017 / 18 [CDx2 + book] Les Contre-ténors - Mythes et Réalités (with a book by Peter Giles)

Reviewed in:
Le Monde de la Musique: (Jul. 1990)
Répertoire: (Jul. 1990)

Information from Nathan Wilkes with additions by Pierre-F. Roberge

Nathan Wilkes

This set consists of an independent section of the Carmina Burana manuscript, a grand Passion Play. This is the largest single block of the manuscript, and also one of the few sections which is original rather than contrafactum based on compositions from elsewhere. In some ways, it seems to have an independent existence and to have been included as an appendix, although it does not survive elsewhere.

It the larger of the two passions at the end of the Carmina Burana manuscript, and is sung in Latin and Low German.

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