English Folksongs & Lute Songs

English Folksongs & Lute Songs
Andreas Scholl / Andreas Martin
Harmonia Mundi 901603


  1. Dowland: Behold a wonder here
  2. Dowland: Me, me and none but me
  3. Dowland: All ye, whom Love or Fortune hath betray'd
  4. Dowland: The Lady Russell's pavan (lute)
  5. Trad., England: The Three Ravens
  6. Trad., England: Waly, waly
  7. Anon: King Henry
  8. Anon: Kemp's jigg (lute)
  9. Campion: My sweetest Lesbia
  10. Campion: I care not for these Ladies
  11. Campion: My love hath vow'd
  12. Dowland: I saw my lady weep
  13. Dowland: Flow, my tears
  14. Dowland: Sorrow, stay
  15. Dowland: Say, Love, if ever thou didst find
  16. Dowland: Can she excuse my wrongs?
  17. Dowland: Go from my window
  18. Dowland: Go from my window (lute)
  19. Trad., England: I will give my love an apple
  20. Trad., England: Barbara Allen
  21. Trad., England: Lord Rendall

Performers: Andreas Scholl (voice), Andreas Martin (lute)

Playing time: 69'

Release date: 1996

Information from label website and Alice Tacaille.

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Andreas Scholl et al.
Decca 466 917

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