Leclair: Sonates en trio

Leclair: Sonates en trio, Op. 4
London Baroque - Charles Medlam
Harmonia Mundi 901617


    Sonate I en ré mineur
  1. Adagio
  2. Allegro ma non tropo
  3. Largo
  4. Allegro

  5. Sonate II en Si bémol majeur
  6. Adagio
  7. Allegro ma non tropo
  8. Cantabile: Largo
  9. Allegro assai

  10. Sonate III en ré mineur
  11. Adagio
  12. Allegro
  13. Aria: Allegro ma poco
  14. Largo: Sarabanda
  15. Allegro

  16. Sonate IV en Fa; majeur
  17. Largo
  18. Allegro ma non tropo
  19. Aria: Andante ma non tropo
  20. Presto

  21. Sonate V en sol mineur
  22. Andante
  23. Allegro ma non tropo
  24. Aria: Gratioso
  25. Giga: Allegro ma non tropo

  26. Sonate VI en La majeur
  27. Adagio
  28. Allegro ma non tropo
  29. Gavotta: Gratioso - Un poco andante
  30. Vivace

Performers: Irmgard Schaller (violin), Richard Gwilt (violin), Charles Medlam (cello), Terence Charlston (harpsichord)

Playing time: 67'

Recording date: September & October 1996

Although not as popular as his single-violin sonatas, Leclair's two volumes of trio sonatas are clearly his closest approach to Corelli. This program consists of the complete Op. 4.

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London Baroque - Charles Medlam
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