Marini: Curiose & Moderne Inventioni

Marini: Curiose & Moderne Inventioni
Harmonia Mundi HMU 90 7175 [CD]
Harmonia Mundi "Curiosita, Pour les esprits curieux" HMX 290 7175 [CD]


  1. Sinfonia sesto tuono
  2. Balletto Terzo
  3. Corrente Seconda
  4. Zarabanda Terza
  5. Balletto Quarto Allemano
  6. Sonata Quarta, per il violino per sonar con due corde (Op. 8)
  7. Romanesca per violino solo e basso se piace (Op. 3 - 1620)
  8. Passacaglio
  9. Sinfonia primo tuono
  10. Zarabanda Quarta
  11. Sonata basso e violino
  12. Sinfonia terzo tuono
  13. Sonata Prima, a doi violini (Op. 8)
  14. Sonata Terza, variata per il violino solo (Op. 8)
  15. Pass'e mezzo in 10. parti. Doi violini e chitarrone (Op. 8)

  16. Balletto Secondo:
  17. Entrata grave
  18. Balletto allegro
  19. Gagliarda
  20. Corrente
  21. Retirata

Performers: Andrew Manze (violin), Nigel North (chitarrone, guitar), John Toll (harpsichord, organ), Caroline Balding (violin), Jap Schlapp (viola), David Watkin (cello)

Playing time: 71'

Recording date: March 1996 (Gloucestershire, UK), rel. 1997 (HMU), 2004 (HMX)

Biagio Marini (1597-1665) was one of the most important early Italian composers for violin. Although named for his Opus 8 publication (1629) of this title, the present collection consists principally of music from his Opus 22 (1655). All selections come from Opus 22, unless noted otherwise. In many ways, the Opus 8 publication with its odd title represents the high point of Marini's development of the violinistic idiom, including such techniques as fourth position, multiple stops, tremolo, scordatura, and clustering on the bridge. However, as opposed to some virtuosos of this era, Marini's compositions are formally & lyrically compelling as well, and this aspect is further emphasized in Opus 22.

The present recording suggests that his birth and death dates should be corrected to 1587-1663, something it states without argument. This would certainly change our views on the precociousness of his Opus 1 (1617). The performance itself is sometimes rather languid, oddly so.

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Recording from Opus 8:

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