A Gentill Jhesu

A Gentill Jhesu
Music from the Fayrfax Ms. and Henry VIII's Book
Pro Cantione Antiqua - Mark Brown, dir.
Hyperion A 66152 [LP]


  1. John Browne (1426-1498): Jhesu Mercy
  2. Richard Pygott (fl.c.1520): Quid petis, o fili?
  3. Richard Davy (c.1465-c.1507): A Blessid Jhesu
  4. Sheryngham (fl.c.1500): A Gentill Jhesu
  5. Anon: A My Dere Sonne
  6. Gilbert Banastir (c.1445-1487): My Fearfull Dreme
  7. Anon: Alone, Alone, Alone
  8. William Cornyshe (1468-1523): Woefully Arrayed

Playing time: ??' ??"

Pro Cantiome Antiqua
Countertenors: Charles Brett, Timothy Penrose, Kevin Smith
Tenors: Paul Elliott, James Griffet, James Lewington
Basses: Brian Etheridge, Michael George, Stephen Roberts
Soprano: Rachel Bevan
Renaissance viols: Catherine Mackintosh, Margaret Westlake, Philip Thorby, William Hunt
Mark Brown, dir.

Recording site and date:
Church of St. John-at-Hackney, London, UK [1982];
Rel.: 1985

AS&V "Quicksilva" 6151 [CD] Tears & Lamentations - Whyte / Fayrfax Manuscript / Henry VIII

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