Jenkins suites

Late Consort Music by John Jenkins
The Parley of Instruments - Peter Holman
Hyperion 66604


    Fantasia Suite No. 8 in C Major (3 violins, viol)
  1. Fantasia
  2. Alman
  3. Corant

  4. Fantasia Suite No. 2 in A Minor (2 violins, 2 viols)
  5. Fantasia
  6. Almain
  7. Corant

  8. Lyra Consort in C Major (violin, lyra viol, great bass viol, theorbo, harpsichord)
  9. Air
  10. The Six Bells
  11. The Mourners
  12. The Ringers

  13. Fantasia Suite No. 10 in E Minor (3 violins, viol)
  14. Fantasia
  15. Alman
  16. Saraband

  17. Fantasia Suite No. 8 in D Major (2 violins, 2 viols)
  18. Fantasia
  19. Alman
  20. Corant

  21. Lyra Consort in G Major (violin, lyra viol, bass viol, theorbo, harpsichord)
  22. Pavan
  23. Air I
  24. Air II
  25. Corant I
  26. Corant II
  27. Saraband

  28. Fantasia Suite No. 6 in F Major (2 violins, 2 viols)
  29. Fantasia
  30. Almain
  31. Corant

  32. Fantasia Suite No. 6 in F Major (3 violins, viol)
  33. Fantasia
  34. Alman
  35. Saraband

Performers: Judith Tarling, Theresa Caudle, Helen Orsler (violins), Mark Caudle, William Hunt (viols), Paul O'Dette (theorbo), Peter Holman (harpsichord, organ)

Playing time: 60'

Recording date: February 1992

The Fantasia-Suite, pioneered by Coprario and Lawes, was a relatively later development than the one-movement fantasia. It consists of an opening fantasia, followed by related dance movements. Likewise, the violin came later to serious music than did the viol, and it is believed that Jenkins probably intended these suites to use violins in the top part. Using four instruments (along with continuo) as opposed to the usual three, was Jenkins own innovation, later solidified by Locke. The Lyra Consort was likewise pioneered by Coprario and Lawes.

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