Cristóbal de Morales: Missa Queramus cum pastoribus

Morales: Missa Queramus cum pastoribus
Westminster Cathedral Choir - James O'Donnell
Hyperion 66635
Hyperion Helios 55276


  1. Andreas Christi famulus (à 5)
  2. Sancta Maria, succurre miseris
  3. Clamabat autem mulier Chananea
  4. O sacrum convivium
  5. Regina coeli
  6. Jean Mouton: Queramus cum pastoribus

  7. Morales: Missa Queramus cum pastoribus
  8. Kyrie
  9. Gloria
  10. Credo
  11. Sanctus
  12. Benedictus
  13. Agnus Dei

Performers: Choir of Westminster Cathedral - James O'Donnell, Master of the Music

Playing time: 65'23

Recording date: November 1992

Cristóbal de Morales based his 5-voice mass on a popular Christmas motet by the French composer Jean Mouton, probably for performance by the papal choir. With the motets recorded here, it offers a good sample of his output.

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