Missa Caput

The Spirits of England and France - IV
Missa Caput / Story of the Salve Regina
Gothic Voices - Christopher Page
Hyperion 66857
Hyperion Helios 55284


  1. Story of Salve Regina I - Pange lingua (chant; 4 voices)
  2. Missa Caput à 4 - Kyrie Deus creator omnium
  3. Missa Caput - Gloria
  4. Story of Salve Regina II
  5. Missa Caput - Credo
  6. Story of Salve Regina III
  7. Missa Caput - Sanctus
  8. Story of Salve Regina IV
  9. Missa Caput - Agnus Dei
  10. Story of Salve Regina V
  11. Salve Regina (chant; 2 voices)
  12. Jesu for thy mercy (3 lutes)
  13. Smert / Trouluffe: Jesu fili Dei (3 lutes)
  14. Make us merry (3 lutes)
  15. Nowell, nowell, nowell (monophonic carol)
  16. Clangat tuba (carol à 3)
  17. Alma redemptoris mater (antiphon à 3)
  18. Old Hall: Agnus Dei à 4

Performers: Catherine King (alto), Steven Harrold (tenor), Julian Podger (tenor), Leigh Nixon (tenor), Stephen Charlesworth (baritone), Donald Greig (baritone), Henry Wickham (baritone), Shirley Rumsey (lute), Christopher Wilson (lute), Christopher Page (lute)

Playing time: 66'

Recording date: July 1996

The 4-voice anonymous English Missa Caput (c.1440) is one of the most famous of the early cantus firmus masses. It was once ascribed to Dufay, but no longer. It is interspersed with a recently discovered monophonic Latin poem (sung by 4 voices in unison here) describing the imaginary discovery of the Salve Regina antiphon (an unusual choice, to be sure). Also included are some 15th century carols and more ordinary Latin polyphony.

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