Early Italian Violin Sonatas

Early Italian Violin Sonatas
Stradella / Marini / Castello / Cima / Uccellini
Convivium - Elizabeth Wallfisch
Hyperion 66985


  1. Stradella (1644-1682): Sinfonia No. 22 from Concertus Musicus
  2. Marini (c.1587-1663): Sonata per sonar con tre corde a modo di Lira
  3. Uccellini (c.1603-1680): Sonata, over Toccata Quinta a violino solo "detta la Laura Rilucente"
  4. Marini: Sinfonia "La Orlandina"
  5. Marini: Sinfonia &qout;La Gardana"
  6. Marini: Sinfonia "La Ponte"
  7. Castello (fl.1620s): Quarta sonata a due, Soprano e Trombom overo violetta (Libro Primo)
  8. Cima (c.1570-c.1622): Sonata 1
  9. Cima: Sonata 2
  10. Castello: Sonata seconda a sopran solo (Libro Secondo)
  11. Marini: Sonata prima "Semplice"
  12. Marini: Sonata terza "Variata"
  13. Marini: Sonata quarta per sonar con due corde
  14. Castello: Sonata settima a due, Sopran e Bassoon
  15. Uccellini: Sonata ottava a violino e basso
  16. Uccellini: Sonata seconda "La luciminia contenta a violino solo"
  17. Marini: Romanesca

Performers: Elizabeth Wallfisch (violin), Richard Tunnicliffe (cello, 5-string cello), Paul Nicholson (organ, harpsichord), Paula Chateauneuf (theorbo, guitar)

Playing time: 72'

Recording date: May 1997

This otherwise typical program does contain an interesting discussion in the liner notes to suggest that the technical limits of publishing do not leave us with a true picture of violin playing in Italy between Marini's Opus 8 (engraved in a very costly fashion) and Corelli. There is certainly little development, for whatever reason.

This is the first recording under the new name for what had been the Locatelli Trio.

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Todd M. McComb