Romance of the Rose

The Romance of the Rose
Feminine Voices from Medieval France
Heliotrope - Joyce Todd
Koch International 7103


  1. Estampie Roine Blance
  2. Contessa de Die: A chantar m'er de so qu'ieu non volria
  3. Three songs from Guillaume de Dole
  4. Estampie after Guiraut Riquier
  5. Castelloza: Per joi que d'amor m'avegna (melody: Guiraut de Bornelh)
  6. Bele Yolanz en ses chambres seoit (chanson de toile)
  7. Bele Doette as fenestre se siet (chanson de toile)
  8. Estampie Marcabru
  9. Contessa de Die: Estat ai en grue cossirier (melody: Raimon de Miraval)
  10. Estampie Bele li gossi
  11. Anon: Jherusalem, grant damage me fais (melody: Gace Brulé)

Performers: Joyce Todd (soprano, percussion, harp), Natalie Cox (harp), Shira Kammen (vielle, rebec), Kit Robberson (vielle), Kim Swatsler (hurdy-gurdy, monochord), David Tayler (oud)

Playing time: 63'

Recording dates: July & November 1995

This recording features a variety of genres, centering on the body of women composers of c.1200.

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