English music c.1600

Music from the time of Elizabeth I
Academy of Ancient Music - Christopher Hogwood
L'Oiseau Lyre DSLO 606 [LP]
L'Oiseau Lyre 433 193 [CD]


  1. Holborne: Heres Paternus (5 viols)
  2. Byrd: Though Amaryllis dance in green (soprano, 4 viols)
  3. Farnaby: The old spagnoletta (virginal)
  4. Bull: Regina galliard (virginal)
  5. Marenzio-Morley: I must depart all hapless (4 voices)
  6. Weelkes: On the plains fairy trains (5 voices)
  7. Johnson: The flat pavan and galliard (2 lutes)
  8. Weelkes: Sweet heart, arise (5 voices)
  9. Weelkes: Welcome, sweet pleasure (5 voices)
  10. Johnson: Variations on Greensleeves (2 lutes)
  11. Ravenscroft: Tomorrow the fox will come to town (voices, rebec, curtall, percussion)
  12. Bull: The Spanish pavan (virginal)
  13. Bull: Coranto "Alarm" (virginal)
  14. Bull: Coranto "Battle" (virginal)
  15. Holborne: Mylinda (5 viols)
  16. Byrd: I joy not in no earthly bliss (soprano, 4 viols)
  17. Holborne: Galliard (2 cornets, 3 sackbuts)
  18. Holborne: The night watch (2 cornets, 3 sackbuts)
  19. Holborne: Last will and testament (2 cornets, 3 sackbuts)
  20. Holborne: Tinternell (lute)
  21. Anon: Martyn said to his man (voices)
  22. Anon: The baffled knight (voices, recorders, cittern, crumhorn)

Performers: Judith Nelson (soprano), Mary Beverley (soprano), David James (countertenor), Paul Elliott (tenor), David Thomas (bass), Catherine Mackintosh (treble viol), Roderick Skeaping (alto viol, rebec), Ian Gammie (tenor viol), Trevor Jones (bass viol), Jane Ryan (bass viol), Nigel North (lute), Jacob Lindberg (lute), Michael Laird (cornet), Iaan Wilson (cornet), Roger Brenner (alto sackbut), John Edney (tenor sackbut), Peter Harvey (bass sackbut), Christopher Hogwood (virginals), Lucie Skeaping (recorder, tambourine), Reggie Coates (lute, cittern), Ben Dover (curtall, crumhorn, recorder)

Playing time: 53'

Recording date: April 1978; released on CD: 1992

This is a classic recording. Instrumentation is not given, so it's just by ear, and a bit of guesswork in the rather raucous tracks #11 & #22. Track #21 is some kind of ribald song.

Hogwood's somewhat earlier recording of Byrd keyboard music:

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Christopher Hogwood
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Academy of Ancient Music - Christopher Hogwood
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