Susato: Dansereye

Susato: Dansereye, 1551
New London Consort - Philip Pickett
L'Oiseau Lyre 436 131


  1. Fanfare "La morisque" (4 trumpets, timpani)
  2. Pass e Medio / Reprise "Le pingne" (2 violins, 3 viols, harpsichord, 4 lutes)
  3. Bergerette "Sans Roch&quo;t / Reprise (2 cornetts, 4 sackbuts, rauschpfeife, 3 shawms, curtal, organ, regal, tabors, side drum, tambourine)
  4. Den I. Ronde "Pour quoy" (2 violins, 3 viols, harpsichord, organ, tabors)
  5. Den VII. Ronde "Il estoit une fillette" (7 recorders, curtal, organ, 5 guitars, side drum)
  6. Den III. Ronde (4 viols, organ, tabors)
  7. Den IV. Ronde (cornett, crumhorn, sackbut, curtal, organ, side drum)
  8. Den V. Ronde "Wo bistu" (4 racketts, regal)
  9. Den VI. Ronde / Saltarelle (violin, 4 viols, 7 recorders, curtal, harpsichord, organ, tabors)
  10. Den XI. Ronde / Aliud (2 cornetts, 4 sackbuts, 2 violins, 4 viols, 7 recorders, curtal, regal, organ, harpsichord, 5 guitars, tabors, tambourine)
  11. Bergerette "Dont vient cela" / Reprise (4 lutes)
  12. Danse de Hercules oft maticine / De Matrigale (4 sorduns, regal, tabor)
  13. De post (cornett, alto cornett, tenor cornett, serpent, organ, jingle bells)
  14. Les quatre Branles (7 recorders, curtal, organ, 5 guitars, tambourine)
  15. Fagot (4 curtals, regal)
  16. Den Hoboeckendans (hurdy-gurdy, drone fiddle, cittern, curtal, contrabass viol, rommelpot)
  17. Basse danse "Mon Desir" / Reprise "Le cueur est bon" (violin, bass viol, 3 lutes, organ)
  18. Den I. Allemainge / Recoupe (cornett, 3 sackbuts, 2 violins, 4 viols, 7 recorders, curtal, organ, harpsichord, 4 lutes, bas drum, tabors)
  19. Den II. Allemainge (4 lutes)
  20. Den III. Allemainge (2 violins, 2 viols, harpsichord)
  21. Den V. Allemainge (4 flutes, 5 guitars)
  22. Den VI. Allemainge (4 crumhorns, regal, nakers)
  23. Den VII. Allemainge (regal, nakers)
  24. Den VIII. Allemainge / Recoupe / Recoupe Aliud (cornett, 3 sackbuts, 2 violins, 4 viols, 7 recorders, curtal, organ, harpsichord, 5 guitars, side drums, tabors)
  25. Bergerette "La Brosse" (4 lutes)
  26. Pavane "La Bataille" (2 cornetts, 4 sackbuts, serpent, rauschpfeife, 3 shawms, curtal, organ, regal, timpani, side drums)
  27. Pavane "Mille regretz" (violin, 4 viols, 3 records, curtal, organ, 4 lutes, tabor)
  28. Den II. Gaillarde (rauschpfeife, 3 shawms, curtal, regal, organ, tabor)
  29. Den XI. Gaillarde (4 sackbuts, organ, tabor, bass drum)
  30. Den IX. Gaillarde (4 flutes, 5 guitars, tabor)
  31. Den IV. Gaillarde (violin, 4 viols, harpsichord, tabor)
  32. Den VII. Gaillarde (7 recorders, curtal, organ, 5 guitars, tabor)
  33. Den X. Gaillarde "Mille ducas" (4 crumhorns, contrabass rackett, regal, organ, tabors)
  34. Den III. Gaillarde (2 cornetts, 4 sackbuts, organ, bass drum, tambourine)
  35. Den XV. Gaillarde "Le tout" (2 cornetts, 3 sackbuts, 2 violins, 3 viols, 7 recorders, curtal, organ, regal, harpsichord, 5 guitars, tabor, side drum, bass drum, tambourine)
  36. Danse du roy / Reprise (2 violins, 3 viols, harpsichord, organ, tabor, tambourine)
  37. Entre du fol (gemshorn, rebec, cittern, contrabass viol, rommelpot, shaker)
  38. La Morisque (2 cornetts, 4 sackbuts, 2 violins, 4 viols, rauschpfeife, 3 shawms, curtal, 3 recorders, organ, regal, harpsichord, 5 guitars, tabor, jingle bells, tambourine, cymbals)

Performers: Pavlo Beznosiuk: Renaissance violin, rebec, fiddle; Rachel Podger: violin; Susanna Pell, Joanna Levine, Mark Levy, Peter McCarthy: viols; Nigel Eaton: hurdy-gurdy; Tom Finucane, Paula Chateauneuf, Jacob Heringman, David Miller: lutes, guitars; Michael Fentross: guitar; Jacob Heringman: cittern; Stephen Keavy, Michael Laird, Michael Harrison, Phillip Bainbridge: trumpets;Michael Laird, Jeremy West, Michael Harrison: cornetts; Michael Laird: alto cornett; Paul Nieman: tenor cornett, Stephen Wick: serpent, David Purser, Paul Nieman, Kennedth Hamilton, Ronald Bryans: sackbuts; Pamela Thorby, Catherine Latham, Penny Pay, Elizabeth Stanbridge, William Lyons, Keith McGowan, Giles Lewin: recorders; Pamela Thorby: gemshorn; Nancy Hadden, Elizabeth Stanbridge, William Lyons, Keith McGowan: flutes; Philip Pickett, Keith McGowan, William Lyons, Andrew Watts: crumhorns; Philip Pickett, Keith McGowan, Penny Pay, Andrew Watts: curtals, racketts, sorduns, Keith McGowan: rauschpfeife; Giles Lewin, William Lyons, Penny Pay: shawms; David Roblou: regal, organ, harpsichord; Richard Egarr: organ; Paul Nicholson: harpsichord; Stephen Henderson, William Lockhart, John Harrod, Alastair Malloy, Tim Barry, Norman Taylor: percussion

Playing time: 66'

Recording date: October 1991

Additional information from Frank Cone.

This CD presents a great variety of dances extracted from the book edited by Tielman Susato in 1551, the Derde Musyck boexken. All the genres are represented here (Pavan, gaillard, allemainge, Ronde...) and Pickett gives to each a particular ambiance, thanks to a rich set of instruments. More than 90 different instruments are used; among the well-supplied dances, listen particularly to the initail Fanfare, the pavan La Bataille, or the final Morique. The richness of the percussion has to be underlined. Some dances are based on famous chansons (La Bataille or Il Estoit une fillette of Clement Janequin), others are arranged in a cycle (the Ronde, Allemainge or Gaillarde), illustrating what was done for the dancers in the XVIth century. The very good realization of this recording gives me an irresistible desire to dance.

Bruno Cornec

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