Byrd Consort songs

Music of William Byrd
Tamara Crout, Louis Bagger, The New York Consort of Viols - Judith Davidoff
Lyrichord LEMS 8015


  1. Prelude and Voluntary (viols)
  2. Rejoice unto the Lord (soprano, viols)
  3. Fantasia (a 3) in C (viols)
  4. Fantasia (a 3) in C (viols)
  5. Ut re mi fa sol la (harpsichord)
  6. Fantasia (a 4) in G (viols)
  7. Delight is dead (2 voices, viols)
  8. Farewell, false love (soprano, viols)
  9. Fantasia (a 4) in D (viols)
  10. Pavana & Gagliarda Tregian (harpsichord)
  11. Who made thee, Hob, forsake the plough? (2 voices, viols)
  12. My mistress had a little dog (soprano, viols)
  13. The Maiden's Songs (harpsichord)
  14. Browning (a 5; viols)
  15. Ye Sacred Muses (soprano, viols)

Performers: Tamara Crout (soprano), Louis Bagger (harpsichord), Lucy Bardo (bass viol), Judith Davidoff (treble and bass viols, direction), Lawrence Lipnik (tenor viol, countertenor), Rosamund Morley (treble and tenor viols), Patricia Neely (treble and tenor viols)

Playing time: 61'

Recording date: May, June 1993

This recording includes some reconstructions of consort pieces not included on the Fretwork recording.

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Todd M. McComb