Silk and Spice

Silk and Spice
Move MD 3137
Move MC 3137 [Cass.]


  1. Istanpitta Ghaetta

  2. Anon., hebrew: Latin Kingdoms
  3. monophonic melody I
    monophonic melody II
    monophonic melody III

  4. Anon., Llibre Vermell:
  5. Stella splendens
  6. Los set goyts

  7. Alfonso le Sabio (attr.):
  8. Cantiga 50: Non deve null' ome desto per ren dultar (instr.)

  9. Francesco Landini:
  10. Ecco la Primevara

  11. Guillaume de Machaut:
  12. Tel rit au main qui au soir pleure

  13. Anon., Saladin's period:
  14. Taqsim

  15. Marcabru:
  16. Pax in Nomine
    Richard the Lionheart:
    Ja nun huns pris

  17. Guiraut Riquier:
  18. A mon dan soy esforsieus

  19. Anon., Cambodia:
  20. Cambodian wind ensemble piece
    Hebrew dance I
    Hebrew dance II
    Anon., Ghana
    African rythm
    Anon., Greece, trad.:
    Folk Dance

  21. Anon.,:
  22. Istanpitta Belicha

Playing time: 72' 47"

Performers: Cantigas [Michael Hall (percussion), Philip Gunter (oud), Caroline Downer (vielle, hurdy-gurdy), Zana Clarke (recorders, rebec), Martin Greet (lute)].

Recording site and date: Move records Studio, Melbourne, Australia [09/1992]

Other releases (identical, first and re-releases):
CD: This is the original release
Cass. It was also issued as MC 3137

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Gramophone (Vol./#-p.):
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.):

Information from owned CD. Nice to listen, but I prefer their last release Courts in Colour. More in line with german productions like "Verlag der Spilleute", it is a good introduction to the genre.

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Pierre-F. Roberge