Courts in Colour

Courts in Colour
Move MD 3177


    I. Eleanor of Aquitaine

  1. A l'entrade del tens clar
  2. Gaite de la Tor

  3. Moniot d'Arras:
  4. Ce fut en mai

  5. Guillaume d'Amiens:
  6. C'est la fins

  7. Bernart de Ventadorn:
  8. Can vei la lauzeta

  9. La Comtessa de Dia:
  10. A chantar

  11. Thibaut IV de Champagne:
  12. De bone amour
  13. II. Gaon of Tiberias

  14. Hebrew Melody I and II (Niggunim)
  15. Hebrew Melody III
  16. Hebrew Melody IV
  17. Hebrew Melody V: Fun shtot tsu shtot
  18. Hebrew Melody VI
  19. III. Saladin, sultan of Egypt

  20. Taqsim - Turkish Melody I
  21. Turkish semai
  22. Taqsim - Turkish Melody II
  23. IV. Alfonso X of Castile and Léon

    Alfonso X le Sabio (attr.): Cantigas de Santa Maria
  24. Cantiga 353: Quen a omagen
  25. Cantiga 3: Alegria
  26. Cantiga 384: ` que por muygran
  27. Cantiga 10: Como o demo
  28. Cantiga 2: Virgen Madre gloriosa
  29. Cantiga 375: En todo noz faz merçe

Playing time: 71' 02"

Performers: Cantigas [Zana Clarke (ganassi recorder, voice flute, rebec, yayla-tanbur), Caroline Downer (vielle, harp, hurdy-gurdy), Philip Gunter (oud, lute, darabouka, bells)] & Simon Gorman (darabouka, bells, rainstick).

Recording site and date: Move Studio, Eaglemont, Australia [1996 or prior]

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It should be first stated as it is on the box; "All pieces are Cantigas compositions based on original melodies". Notwitstanding this, the listening is terribly pleasant and you have a feeling that they have fun in playing together. So, although more in line with german productions like "Verlag der Spilleute", it is an excellent introduction to the genre.

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Pierre-F. Roberge