Traveller's Tapestry

Traveller's Tapestry
Move MD 3153


    Walther von der Vogelweide:
  1. Nu alrest

  2. Anon., London Harley 978:
  3. Nota

  4. Anon., 13th c., Catalan:
  5. Quant ay

  6. Guillaume de Machaut:
  7. Douce Dame jolie

  8. Anon., Momtpellier, Bibl. De l'École de Médecine H 196:
  9. Chose Tassin

  10. Guiraut de Borneill:
  11. Reis glorios

  12. Anon.:
  13. Minstrel Melodies
  14. Bonum est factum
  15. Village fair

  16. Anon., Constantinople:
  17. Constantinople I
  18. Constantinople II
  19. Constantinople III
  20. Constantinople IV

  21. Anon., Oxford, Bodleian Lib., Douce 139:
  22. Istanpitta

  23. Guillaume de Machaut:
  24. Se je souspir

  25. Anon.:
  26. Balaam prophetanti

  27. Anon., Tibet
  28. Monody: Himalayan journey

  29. Anon., Japan:
  30. Monody: Mogami's ferryman

  31. Anon., London., British Lib. Add. 29987:
  32. Saltarello

  33. Anon.: Carmina Burana
  34. Ecce torpet probitas

  35. Alfonso le Sabio (attr.): Cantigas de Santa Maria
  36. Cantiga 100: Santa Maria

Playing time: 73' 25"

Performers: Cantigas [Matthew Armstrong (percussion), Zana Clarke (ganassi recorder, voice flute, rebec), Caroline Downer (vielle, hurdy-gurdy, harp), Philip Gunter (oud, lute, percussion)].

Recording site and date: Move records Studio, Melbourne, Australia [12/1993]

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Information from owned CD. Nice to listen, but the less interesting from the three CDs already released. I prefer their last release Courts in Colour.

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Pierre-F. Roberge