Forgotten Provence

Forgotten Provence
Music-making in the South of France 1150-1550
The Martin Best Consort
Nimbus 5445 [CD]


    Anon., ca 1550:
  1. Chansons-avec-refrains: Ne l'oseray-je / Voulez-vous que je vous dise?

  2. Cerveau: Les Airs
  3. Dessus la rive

  4. Beatriz de Dia:
  5. Canso: Chanter meer

  6. Anon., ca 1550:
  7. Carole in rondeau: Vecy le mai

  8. Anon, trad., Limousin:
  9. Pastorela: Ma charmante cadet

  10. Anon., School of St. Martial, Limoges, 12th c.:
  11. Sequence in free organum: Alleluia Justus

  12. Anon., 12th c.:
  13. Danse-song in carole form: A l'entrada del tens clar

  14. Anon., Troubadour:
  15. Danse-song: Li gelos

  16. Anon., trad., Languedoc:
  17. Danse: Air de Cheval-Jupon

  18. Jaufre Rudel de Blaye:
  19. Canso: Lancan li jorn

  20. Anon., Troubadour, 12th c.:
  21. Vers: Ara Lausatz

  22. Anon., School of St. Martial, Limoges, 12th c.:
  23. Sequence to St. Peter and St. Paul: Laude Jocunda

  24. Anon., Montpellier:
  25. Motet: Pucelete - Je languis - Domino

  26. Petrus de Cruce:
  27. Motet: Aucun - Lonc tans - Annuntiantes

  28. Anon., Montpellier:
  29. Motet: Alle psallite

  30. Anon., first-half 16th c.:
  31. Carole in Ballade form: Rossignolet du bois

  32. Anon., trad., Bas Languedoc:
  33. Rossignolet du bois

  34. Anon., Trad., Bas Limousin:
  35. Le Sodard

  36. Anon., School of St. Martial, Limoges, ca 1150:
  37. Sequence: Epiphaniam Domino

  38. Guiraut de Bornelh:
  39. Alba: Reis Glorios

Playing time: 64' 19"

The Martin Best Consort [Martin Best [voice, lute, psaltery, pottery drum), Libby Crabtree (soprano), Giles Chabonard (vielle), David Corkhill (hammer dulcimer, tambourine), Robin Jeffrey (cittern, oud, theorbo, laouto), Lucie Skeaping (violin, fidele, rebec, pipe), David Tosh (dulcimer, nakers, tabor), Rebecca Outram (soprano), Caris Lane (soprano), Natanja Hadda (alto), Kim Porter (alto), Susannah Spicer (alto), Matthew Vine (tenor), Paul Tindell (tenor), Simon Davies (tenor), Rosemary Thorndycraft (viola da gamba)].

Recording site and date:
Concert Hall of the Nimbus Foundation [10/1994]

This CD has been released in a 6 CDs box set: Nimbus NI 1753 Music from the Age of Chivalry

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Diapason (#-p.):
Gramophone (Vol./#-p.):
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.) 19/4- (march/april 1996)

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