Music from the Age of Chivalry

Music from the Age of Chivalry
Martin Best Medieval Ensemble - Martin Best, dir.
Nimbus NI 1753 [CDx6]


    This a compilation of six previously issued CDs

  1. Nimbus NI 5445 Forgotten Provence - Music-making in the South of France, 1150-1550
  2. Nimbus NI 5006 Songs of Chivalry
  3. Nimbus NI 5081 Cantigas of Santa Maria of Alfonso X El Sabio
  4. Nimbus NI 5002 Dante Troubadours
  5. Nimbus NI 5544 Amor de Lonh - The Distant Love of the Troubadours
  6. Nimbus NI 5261 The Last of the Troubadours - The Art & Times of Guiraut Riquier

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Date of Release: 1999

Information from CD box; this is a real bargain: 6 CDs for the price of two (in Canada).

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Pierre-F. Roberge