Dowland: Lute Music - 1

Dowland: Lute Music - 1
Fancyes, Dreams and Spirits
Nigel North
Naxos 8.557586

Under Construction

Next volumes in this series:

Dowland: Lute Music - 2
Tears - Lachrimae Pavan / Semper Dowland Semper Dolens
Nigel North
Naxos 8.557862
Dowland: Lute Music - 3
Pavans, Galliards and Almains
Nigel North
Naxos 8.570449
Dowland: Lute Music - 4
The Queen's Galliard
Nigel North
Naxos 8.570284

An earlier recital by the present performer:

Dowland: Lute Lessons
Fantasies, Pavuins, Galliards, Almaines, Corantoes...
Nigel North
Arcana 36

And related repertory on the present label:

Robert Johnson: The Prince's Almain
And other Dances for Lute
Nigel North
Naxos 8.572178

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