Ciconia: Secular songs & Motets

Ciconia: Motets, Virelais, Ballate, Madrigals
Alla Francesca & Alta
Opus 111 30-101


  1. Ballata: Merçé o morte (3 voices)
  2. Madrigal: Una panthera (recorder, vielle, harp)
  3. Ballata: Gli atti col dançar (shawm, bombarde, slide trumpet)
  4. Motet: O Padua, sidus preclarum (3 voices)
  5. Ballata: Ben che da vui (recorder)
  6. Virelai: Sus une fontayne (voice, 2 recorders)
  7. Madrigal: Caçando un giorno (2 bagpipess, shawm, rebec, percussion)
  8. Canon: Quod jactatur (harp, vielle, recorder)
  9. Ballata: Poy che morir (voice, vielle, harp)
  10. Motet: Venecie, mundi splendor (shawm, bombarde, slide trumpet)
  11. Ballata: O rosa bella (2 vielles, harp)
  12. Ballata: Chi vole amar (bagpipes, shawm, percussion)
  13. Motet: O felix templum jubila (2 recorders, 2 vielles)
  14. Ballata: Chi nel servir antico (voice, harp, vielle, recorder)
  15. Ballata: Deduto sey (shawm, bombarde, slide trumpet)
  16. Virelai: Aler m'en veus (2 voices)
  17. Motet: O virum omnimoda (2 recorders, 2 vielles)
  18. Gloria (3 voices)
  19. Motet: Regina gloriosa (shawm, bombarde, slide trumpet)

Performers: Catherine Joussellin (voice, fiddle, percussion), Brigitte Lesne (voice, harp, percussion), Emmanuel Bonnardot (voice, fiddle, rebec), Pierre Hamon (recorders, flutes, bagpipes, percussion), Raphaël Boulay (voice), Michèle Vandenbroucque (shawms), Pierre Boragno (bombard, bagpipe, flutes), Gilles Rapin (slide trumpet, percussion)

Playing time: 71'

Recording date: October 1993

This disc presents selections from every genre in which Ciconia composed. The variety of sonority is particularly impressive.

Reviewed in:
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.): 18/5- (May/June 1995)

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