Eya Mater

Eya Mater
Chant grégorien / Polyphonies des XIe-XIIe siècles
Discantus - Brigitte Lesne
Opus 111 30-143
Opus 111 2036


  1. Organum: Alleluia - Ave Maria (2 voices, tutti)
  2. Antiphon & Psalm: Beata mater (tutti)
  3. Lecture trope: Lectio libri Sapientiae (solo voice)
    Responsory: Dixit angelus (3 voices, solo voice)
    Lecture trope: Ego mater (solo voice)
    Responsory: Ecce concipies (3 voices, solo voice)
    Lecture trope: Spiritus enim meus (solo voice)
    Responsory: Dabit illi Dominus (3 voices, voice)
  4. Lecture trope: O dos novum - Salvator noster (solo voice, 2 voices)
    Responsory: Quomodo fiet istud (2 voices, voice)
  5. Communion: Vox in Rama (tutti, solo voice)
  6. Graduel: Anima nostra (3 voices, solo voice)
  7. Organum: Benedicamus Domino (tutti)
  8. Alleluia: Laudate pueri (solo voice)
  9. Lamentation: O dulces filii - Noli Rachel flere (2 solo voices)
  10. Conductus: Res iocosa quod hec rosa (2 voices)
  11. Introït: Ex ore infantium (solo voice)
  12. Organum: Gaude Maria virgo (2 voices, 2 voices)
  13. Trope: Quem creditis natum in orbem (solo voice)
    Introït: De ventre matris meae (tutti)
    Trope: Hodie puer magnus surrexit (2 voices)
    Trope: Audite insulae et attendite populi (2 voices)
    Trope: Ipse preibit ante Dominum (solo voice)
  14. Organum: Alleluia - Inter natos mulierum (2 voices, 2 voices)

Performers: Emmanuelle Gal, Anne Guidet, Claire Jéquier, Lucie Jolivet, Brigitte Le Baron, Brigitte Lesne, Catherine Schroeder, Catherine Sergent

Playing time: 71'

Recording date: July 1995

Reissued in Opus 111 2005 and Opus 111 30-354.

Reviewed in:
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.): 19/6- (Jul./Aug. 1996)

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