Almisonis Melos

Almisonis Melos
Latin Motets and Mass Fragments in the Ivrea Codex
Cantica Symphonia - Giuseppe Maletto
Opus 111 30-309


  1. Vitry: Vos qui admiramini (2 voices, organ, 2 vielles, harp, dulcian)
  2. Chipre: Kyrie (5 voices, organ, 2 vielles, harp, sackbut)
  3. Baralipton: Gloria (voice, 2 vielles, harp)
  4. Anon: Credo (2 voices, organ, harp, 2 vielles, trumpet)
  5. Anon: Sanctus "Sanans fragilia" (4 voices, organ, 2 vielles, harp)
  6. Machaut: Martirum gemma latria (2 voices, vielle)
  7. Vitry: Impudenter circumivi (4 voices, organ, harp, 2 vielles)
  8. Anon: Rachel plorat filios (2 voices, organ, harp, vielle)
  9. Anon: Kyrie "Rex angelorum" (4 voices, organ, harp, 2 vielles)
  10. Anon: Gloria "Spiritus et alme" (3 voices, organ, vielle, harp, sackbut)
  11. Anon: Credo (voice, 2 vielles, harp)
  12. Anon: Sanctus (3 voices, trumpet)
  13. Anon: Almisonis melos cum vocibus (2 voices, vielle)
  14. Anon: Post missarum sollemnia (4 voices, organ, 2 vielles, harp, trumpet)
  15. Anon., ? Vitry: In virtute nominum (2 voices, harp, 2 vielles, trumpet)
  16. Anon: Febus mundo oriens (3 voices)

Performers: Laura Fabris (soprano), Elisa Franzetti (soprano), Fabio Furnari (tenor), Giuseppe Maletto (tenor), Marco Scavazza (baritone), Svetlana Fomina (vielle), Efix Puleo (vielle), Marta Graziolino (harp), Guido Magnano (organ), Andrea Primiani (dulcian, sackbut), Mauro Morini (slide trumpet)

Playing time: 64'

Recording date: March 2000 (Torino)

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