With Voice and Pen

With Voice and Pen
Coming to Know Medieval Song and How it was Made
Leo Treitler (writer), Ensemble Dialogus, Ensemble Gilles Binchois, Sequentia ...
Oxford University Press ISBN 978-0-19-816644-3 (Hardbook + CD)
Oxford University Press ISBN 978-0-19-921476-1 (Pocketbook + CD)


  1. Eight mode intonation formula and model antiphon from Paris lat. 1121 (Aquitanian, 11th c.).
    Eight mode introit Introduxit vos (Frankish. based on Graduale triplex with trope versees from Paris lat. 1121)
  2. First mode introit antiphon Rorate caeli (Frankish. based on Graduale triplex)
  3. First mode introit antiphon Rorate caeli (Roman; Vatican Vat. Lat. 5319, 11th c,)
  4. First mode gradual Sciant gentes (Frankish. based on Graduale triplex)
  5. First mode gradual Sciant gentes (Roman; Codex Bodmer, 11th c.)
  6. Second mode alleluia v. Dies sanctificatus (Frankish. based on Graduale triplex)
  7. Second mode alleluia v. Dies sanctificatus (Roman; Codex Bodmer, 11th c.
  8. Organum: first mode alleluia v. Hic Martinus (Vatican Ottob. lat. 3025, the Vatican Organum Treatise)
  9. Second mode tract Deus deus meus (Frankish, based on Paris lat. 776, Albi 11th c.)
  10. Lightnin' Hopkins, Blues, Goin' Away
  11. Fifth mode offertory Factus est Dominus (Roman; Codex Bodmer, 11th c.)
  12. Versus Lilium floruit, Paris 3549 (12th c.)
  13. Versus Radix Iesse, Paris lat. 1139 (c. 1098)
  14. Versus Radix Iesse, Le Puy A/V/7/009 (c. 1588)
  15. Jaufre Rudel, troubadour, Lanquand il jorn, Paris, fr. 20050 (13th c.)
  16. Walther von der Vogelweide, Minnesänger, Palästinaleid (13th c.)

[1]-[8], [11] Dialogus
Catherine Sergent, Caroline Megalhaes, Katarina Livljanic, Lucia Nigohossian (track 8)
Katarina Livljanic, dir.
[9] Ensemble Gilles Binchois
Dominique Vellard, dir.
[10] Lightnin' Hopkins
[12]-[16] Sequentia
Benjamin Bagby, Eric Mentzel, Barbara Thornton, women's choir of Sequentia
Benjamin Bagby & Barbara Thornton, dirs

Playing time: 73' 07"

Recording site and date:
Various sites [2003 or prior];
Rel.: 2003 (hardbook), 2007 (pocketbook)

[9] Stil 2106 [CD] Veritas mea: chant grégorien
[10] Goin' Away [CD] Prestige/Bluesville OBCCD-522-2 (BV-1073)
[13] Deutsche Harmonia Mundi (BMG) 05472 77370 2 [CD] Shining Light
[15] University of Texas Press ISBN #0292785208 [Cass.] The Union of Words and Music in Medieval Poetry

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