The Union of Words and Music in Medieval Poetry

The Union of Words and Music in Medieval Poetry
University of Texas Press ISBN #0292785208


    Jaufre Rudel
  1. Lanquand li jorn son lonc en mai

  2. Walther von der Vogelweide
  3. Das Palastinalied (Nû alrêst lebe ich mir werde)

  4. Bernart de Ventadorn
  5. Can vei la lauzeta mover

  6. Raimon de Miraval
  7. Aissi cum es genser pascors (strophe 1, from MS G)
  8. Aissi cum es genser pascors (entire song, from MS R)

  9. -----
    Anonymous Old English epic
  10. Beowulf, lines 702-852, Com on wanre niht

  11. Guillaume de Machaut
  12. Je sui aussi (ballade no. 20)

  13. Anonymous dance lyric
  14. Rondeau: E Dex, or ne voi je mie

  15. Adam de la Halle
  16. Rondeau: Bonne amourette

  17. Jehan de Lescurel
  18. Rondeau: A vous, douce debonnaire (monophonic)
  19. Rondeau: A vous, douce debonnaire (polyphonic)

  20. Nicole de Margival
  21. Rondeau: Soiez liez, et menez joie

  22. Guillaume de Machaut
  23. Esperance qui m'asseüre (ballade 13)

Playing time: 65'

Recording date: May and June 1988, Sancta Clara Keller, Cologne

[1] Oxford University Press ISBN 978-0-19-816644-3 [Hardbook + CD] With Voice and Pen: Coming to Know Medieval Song and How it was Made

This cassette was released in connection with a book which published articles from a symposium at the University of Texas at Austin in 1987. Barbara Thornton and Benjamin Bagby appear here with accompaniment by Eric Mentzel (voice) and Patricia Ann Neely (fiddle). The recording focuses on northern and southern French vernacular poetry, but also includes a piece in Middle High German and one in Old English.

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William MacLehose