Renaissance - Josquin

Music of Josquin Desprez
King's Singers
RCA "Red Seal" 61814


  1. Benedicta es, celorum regina
  2. Vous l'arez, s'il vous plaist
  3. Vous ne l'arez pas
  4. A la mort
  5. O virgo virginum
  6. Nymphes nappées
  7. En l'ombre d'ung buissonet
  8. Regretz sans fin
  9. Allegez moy, doulce plaisant brunette
  10. Absolve quaesumus, Domine
  11. Pour souhaitter
  12. Mille regretz
  13. Si congié prens
  14. Ce povre mendiant
  15. O virgo prudentissima
  16. Petite camusette
  17. Nymphes des bois
  18. A l'ombre d'ung buissonet
  19. Baisez moy, ma doulce amye (canon, version 1)
  20. Baisez moy, ma doulce amye (canon, version 2)
  21. Pater noster / Ave Maria

Performers: David Hurley (countertenor), Alastair Hume (countertenor), Robert Chilcott (tenor), Bruce Russell (baritone), Simon Carrington (baritone), Stephen Connolly (bass)

Playing time: 70'

Recording date: September 1992 (Dorset)

Reviewed in:
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.): 17/5- (May/June 1994)

This ensemble performs a wide range of vocal music, including 20th century popular songs, Romantic part-songs, contemporary avant-garde, etc. Here, they perform a program strictly of music by Josquin, both sacred & secular.

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