Isaac - Natalis Domini

Isaac: Natalis Domini
Ensemble de' Medici - Keller Coker
RCM 19501


  1. Quis dabit capiti meo aquam (1492; 4 voices, 4 viols)
  2. A la bataglia (4 viols)
  3. Sancti spiritus (1507; soprano, 3 viols)
  4. Imperii proceres (1507; 4 voices, 2 lutes)
  5. Carmen in Sol (lute, 2 viols)
  6. Wohlaff, gut g'sell (recorder, 2 lutes, 3 viols)

  7. Missa Natalis Domini (4 voices)
  8. Introit: Puer natus est
  9. Alleluia dies sanctificatus
  10. Sequence: Per quem
  11. Communion: Viderunt omnes
  12. Isbruck, ich muss dich lassen (recorder)
  13. La mi la sol (recorder, sackbut, 2 lutes)
  14. O Maria, mater Christi (2 voices, 2 viols, lute)
  15. Isbruck, ich muss dich lassen (soprano)

Performers: Kris Gould (soprano), Dana Marsh (countertenor), J. Lee Graham (tenor), Robert Shacklett (baritone), Mark Sumner (bass), James Tyler (lute, viol), Nina Treadwell (lute), Todd French (viols), Robert Tueller (viol), Denise Briesé (viol), Niki Carras (recorders), Keller Coker (viol, sackbut)

Playing time: 63'

Recording date: November 1994

The present recording illustrates the broad range of genres making up Isaac's huge output. The Missa Natalis Domini opened a collection of Propers settings by Isaac, the Choralis Constantinus published in 1509, which together with the Magnus liber of Léonin, and the Gradualia of Byrd was one of the most massive musical projects (with more than 300 settings) in Western history.

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