Byrd: Consort Songs

English Consort Music - I
Byrd: Consort Songs
James Bowman / Ricercar Consort - Philippe Pierlot
Ricercar 206442


  1. Anon: O death rock me asleep
  2. Anon: Come tread the paths
  3. Quis me statim
  4. Anon: My little sweet darling
  5. Fantasia a 6 no. 2
  6. Wretched Albinus
  7. Rejoice unto the Lord
  8. Fair Britain Isle
  9. In Nomine a 4
  10. Anon: Born is the Babe
  11. Triumph with plesant melody
  12. Lullaby, my sweet little baby
  13. Anon: Fantasia a 5
  14. Ye Sacred Muses
  15. Anon: Complain with tears
  16. Anon: Fie, fie, my fate
  17. Anon: In paradise

Performers: James Bowman (countertenor), Philippe Pierlot (treble viol), Sophie Watillon (treble & bass viol), Kaori Uemura (tenor & bass viol), David Sinclair (great bass viol), Liam Fennely (bass viol), Rainer Zipperling (bass viol)

Playing time: 61'

Recording date: September 1998 (Eglise St. Apollainaire à Bolland)

Items are by Byrd except those marked as anonymous.

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