From Spain to Spain

From Spain to Spain
Erdenklang ????
Real Music RM 9000 [CD or cassette]
Reality 00023


  1. Entrada

  2. Alfonso el Sabio (attr.).: Cantigas de Santa Maria
  3. Cantiga 256: Quen na Virgen groriosa esperança mui grand' á
  4. Cantiga 139: Maravillosos et piadosos
  5. Cantiga 49: Ben com' aos que van per mar

  6. Ibn al-Va7ib / oral arab tradition:
  7. Umzuj (While the birds sing)

  8. Alfonso el Sabio (attr.).: Cantigas de Santa Maria
  9. Cantiga 77: Da que Deus mamou o leite do seu peito, (Deus ex machina)

  10. Textual and melodic fragments from Moroccan oral tradition:
  11. Man'habbak (He who loves you)

  12. Alfonso el Sabio (attr.).: Cantigas de Santa Maria
  13. Cantiga 32: Quen loar podia, (Miragre)

  14. Ibn Zuhr / melodic fragments from Hebrew-Arab oral tradition:
  15. Ajuba (Bearer of the Cups)

Performers: Vox Voices [Fadia El-Hage, Catherine Rey, Rose Bihler-Shah]
Vox Choir [Robert Altmöder, Simon Berg, Martin Fogt, Mike Frey, Roger Hefele, Oliver Kälberer, Clemens Kink, Steffen Müller Rabbe, Thomas Näbauer, Thomas Reichenbach, Walter Tröbinger, Gregor von der Heyden] - Rose Bihler-Shah, choir dir.
Vox Instruments [Roman Bunkaud (electric and acoustic guitars), Paolo Giuseppe Cecere (vielle, symphonia, al-anfir (medieval arab trumpet), shawm, voice), Marika Falk (ethnic percussion (african & arab vase drums, latin & african percussion, water drums, berimbau)), Vladimir Ivanoff (analog & digital synthesizers, sampling modules, sequencer programme, ming, medieval organ, medieval and arab frame drums, antur, medieval lute), Walter Weh (flute, MIDI-sax)]

Playing time: 53' 59"

Recording site and date:
Down Town Studio, Munich, Germany [01/1992]

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Fanfare (#-p.):

Comments: Information from owned CD. There is a problem with this CD: if you like traditional arabic music, you'll probably like few tracks, if you like new age music, again; medieval music, again; synthesizers, again; but unless you like all that, you will probably hate many tracks; notwithstanding this, voices and choir are excellent.

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Pierre-F. Roberge