The Grafted Tree - Medieval Tales with Harp

The Grafted Tree - Medieval Tales with Harp
Rosewood Music RM 1400 [CD]
Chaucer Studio OM 001 [CD]


  1. Sir Orfeo
    (Musical selections)
    Saltarello (Brit. Mus. MS. Add. 29987)
    Ave maris stella (Chant melody)
    Ave maris stella (Guillaume Dufay)
    Je demande ma bienvenue (Jean Haucourt)
    Veni sponsa Christi (Chant melody)
    Quant je voi yver (Trouvère song)
  2. Sir Handsome Stranger
    (Musical selection)
    Ay mi! dame de valour (Guillaume de Machaut)
  3. Sir Bevis
    (Musical selections)
    Li joli temps d'este (Francesco Landini)
    Lanquam li jours (Jaufre Rudel)
    Si habrá en este baldres (Spanish, c. 1500)
    Abide, I hope it be the best (English song)
    Ti Petrovice uradkove (Moravian soldier's song)

Playing time: 69' 57"

Linda Marie Zaerr (narration, vielle), Laura Zaerr (gothic harp)

Recording site and date:
Unknown [1997 or prior];
Rel. 1997

Auchinleck MS (1330-40), Harley MS. 3810 (15th Century)

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