The Seraphim Guide to the Classics, Vol. 1: Middle Ages and Renaissance

The Seraphim Guide to the Classics, Vol. 1
Middle Ages and Renaissance
Various Artists
Seraphim S-60151 [LP]


    Side One
  1. Six Medieval Tunes
  2. Alfonso el Sabio: Rosa das rosas
  3. Alfonso el Sabio: Maravillosos e piadosos
  4. Instrumental Kyrie (Codex Faenza)
  5. Lorenzo da Firenze: Sanctus
  6. Dufay: Flos florum
  7. Wilhelmus Legrant: (untitled work)
  8. Isaac: Innsbruck, ich muss dich lassen
    Side Two
  1. Victoria: O magnum mysterium
  2. Palestrina: Hodie Christus natus est
  3. A. Gabrieli: Ricercar
  4. G. Gabrieli: Buccinate in neomenia
  5. Frescobaldi: Toccata V in G major
  6. Monteverdi: Zefiro torna

Playing time: 56' 36"

Side One
[1], [4]-[7] Syntagma Musicum of Amsterdam - Kees Otten, dir.
[2]-[3] Victoria de los Angeles, Ars Musicae Ensemble
[8] Theo Altmeyer (tenor), Claus Ocker (bass), Otto Steinkopf (shawm), Alfred Lessing, Gerhard Naumann, Heinrich Haferland & Horst Hedler (viole da gamba); RIAS Chamber Choir - Günther Arndt, cond.
Side Two
[1]-[2] King's College Choir - David Willcocks, cond.
[3] Brass ensemble, Denis Stevens, cond.; Barry Rose (organ)
[4] String & brass ensemble, Ambrosian Singers - Denis Stevens, cond.; Barry Rose (organ)
[5] Fernandi Germani (organ at Selby Abbey, Yorkshire)
[6] Gerald English & Hughes Cuénod, Bath Festival Ensemble; Raymond Leppard (harpsichord & director)

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Side One
[1] Seraphim SIC-6052 [LPx3], The Seraphim Guide to Renaissance Music
[2]-[3] Angel SFSL-36468 HMV "Angel Series" SAN 194 [LP], Songs of Andalusia
[4]-[6] Electrola (EMI) SME 91761 / 62 [LPx2], Lebendige Musik des Mittelalters und der Renaissance
[7] Columbia (EMI) SAHX 9 [LP], An Anthology of Early Music 1350-1475
[8] Angel 36 379 [LP], Musik in alten Städten und Residenzen: Innsbruck
Side Two
[1]-[4] EMI Classics 65924 [LP], Gateway to Classical Music
[5] Angel S-36323 - Frescobaldi and Bach
[6] Angel S 36431 [LP], The Origins of 17th century Venetian opera

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