Verdelot mass

Verdelot: Missa Philomena Prævia
Ensemble Vocale e Strumentale Delitiæ Musicæ - Marco Longhini
Stradivarius 33405


  1. Motet: Gaudent in coelis (a 8; tutti)
  2. Motet Introitus: Laudate Dominum (a 4 voci con strumenti; tutti)
  3. Marcantonio Cavazzoni (c.1490-c.1570): Recercata (organ)
  4. Missa Philomena Prævia: Kyrie (4 voices)
  5. Christe (4 voices)
  6. Kyrie II (4 voices)
  7. Gloria in excelsis Deo (4 voices)
  8. Gloria: Domine Deus (3 voices)
  9. Gloria: Qui tollis peccata mundi (4 voices)
  10. Motet Officium: Si bona suscepimus (a 5 voci con strumenti)
  11. Credo in unum Deum (4 voices)
  12. Credo: Crucifixus (2 voices)
  13. Credo: Et resurrexit (2 voices)
  14. Credo: Et iterum venturus est (3 voices)
  15. Credo: Et in Spiritum Sanctum (4 voices)
  16. Offertorium: Cuius corpus sanctissumum (4 sackbuts, organ)
  17. Sanctus Dominus Deus (4 voices)
  18. Sanctus: Pleni sunt coeli (3 voices)
    Osanna (4 voices)
  19. Benedictus (2 voices)
    Osanna (4 voices)
  20. Anon: Recerchada (organ)
  21. Agnus Dei (5 voices)
  22. Communio Motet: Salve Regina (4 voices, 4 sackbuts)
  23. Salve Regina: Eia ergo advocata nostra (3 voices, sackbuts)
  24. Salve Regina: Et Jesum benedictum (4 voices, sackbuts)
  25. Ite missa est (chant)
  26. Richafort: Motet - Philomena Prævia - I pars (4 voices)
  27. Philomena Prævia - II pars: Veni dulcis amica Dei (4 voices)

Performers: Claudio Cavina (countertenor), Giuseppe Maletto (tenor), Roberto Abbondanza (baritone, celebrant), Marcello Vargetto (bass), Marco Longhini (tenor), Valerio Bassanello (tenor sackbut), Ivo Pezzutti (tenor sackbut), Maurizio Meneguz (tenor & bass sackbut), Saverio De Cian (tenor & bass sackbut), Massimo Caprini (organ)

Playing time: 63'

Recording date: June 1995

Philippe Verdelot (c.1470/80-c.1552) was born in southern France apparently with the surname Deslouges, and came to Italy early in the 16th century. He spent most of his career in and around Florence and Rome. In many ways, he can be considered the Florentine analog of Willaert.

The present mass is based on the 4-voice motet Philomena Prævia of Jean Richafort (c.1480-c.1547) printed in 1521, and also used as a model by Gombert. This is Verdelot's only printed mass (Venice, 1544), although a Missa Gloria del Dixit Dominus survives in manuscript. The present performance intersperses some of Verdelot's motets to create a full liturgical interpretation.

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