Gombert: Music from the Court of Charles V

Gombert: Music from the Court of Charles V
Motets / Chansons / Mass for 6 Voices
Huelgas Ensemble - Paul Van Nevel
Sony Vivarte 48249


  1. Antiphon: Regina coeli (à 12)
  2. Motet: In te Domine speravi (à 6)
  3. Motet: Media vita (à 6)
  4. Chanson: Tous les regretz (à 6)
  5. Chanson: Je prens congie (à 8)

  6. Magnificat secundi toni
  7. Et exultavit (à 4)
  8. Quia fecit (à 4)
  9. Fecit potentiam (à 3)
  10. Esurientes (à 2)
  11. Sicut locutus est (à 4)
  12. Sicut erat (à 5)

  13. Missa Tempore paschali
  14. Kyrie (à 6)
  15. Gloria (à 6)
  16. Credo (à 8)
  17. Sanctus (à 6)
    Pleni sunt caeli (à 5)
    Hosanna (à 6)
    Benedictus (à 4)
    Hosanna (à 6)
  18. Agnus Dei I & II (à 6)
  19. Agnus Dei III (à 12)

Performers: Katelijne Van Laethem, Carol Schlaikjer, Marie-Claude Vallin, Claudio Cavina, Marius Van Altena, Harry Van Berne, Stéphane Van Dijck, John Dudley, Ibo Van Ingen, Otto Rastbichler, Willem Ceuleers, Kees-Jan de Koning, Harry Van der Kamp, Lieven de Roo

Playing time: 76'

Recording date: January 1992; released: 1992

Sony Classic SBG 7478442 [CDx15] A secret Labyrinth

The performance is by a moderate-sized, mixed chamber choir; it is all-vocal, as opposed to most of the Huelgas Ensemble recordings. This disc presents an excellent introduction to Gombert through various genres; his most notable compositions are his set of Magnificats. The opening antiphon is especially complex.

This Mass is not considered to be one of Gombert's major works, but is rather an early summation. The concluding Agnus Dei is thought to be based on ideas of Brumel.

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