Dufay: Fragmenta Missarum

Dufay: Fragmenta Missarum
Cantica Symphonia - Kees Boeke & Giuseppe Maletto
Stradivarius "Dulcimer" 33440


  1. Kyrie à 3 "Fons Bonitatis" (IV/16; 3 voices)
  2. Gloria à 3 (IV/21; 3 voices, 3 vielles)
  3. Credo à 3 (IV/1 iii; 2 voices, organ, 2 vielles, lute)
  4. Sanctus à 3 (IV/6 i; 3 voices)
  5. Agnus à 3 (IV/6 ii; 3 voices)
  6. Ave regina coelorum III à 4 (VI/51; 4 voices)
  7. Kyrie à 3 "di Cambrai" (IV/19 attr.; 3 voices, organ, 2 vielles, lute)
  8. Gloria à 4 (IV/5 i; 4 voices, organ, 2 vielles, lute)
  9. Credo à 4 (IV/5 ii; 4 voices, organ, 2 vielles, lute)
  10. Sanctus à 4 "Ave verum corpus" (IV/7 i; 4 voices, choir, organ, 2 vielles, trumpet)
  11. Agnus à 3 "Custos et pastor" (IV/7 ii attr.; 3 voices, organ, 2 vielles, sackbut)

Performers: Laura Fabris (soprano), Giuseppe Maletto (alto, organ), Fabio Fùnari (tenor), Marco Scavazza (baritone), Svetlana Fomina (vielle), Filomena Petralla (vielle), Kees Boeke (vielle), Marco Chiappero (organ), Chiara Maritano (lute), Mauro Morini (trumpet, sackbut), Roberta Issoglio (soprano), Maria Silvia Maritano (soprano), Daniela Perlo (soprano), Anna Traversa (soprano), Davide Longo (tenor), Fabrizio Longo (tenor), Paolo Issoglio (baritone)

Playing time: 80'

Recording date: March 1998 (Torino)

[4] Berlin Classics 84232 La Capella Sistina: Palestrina, Josquin, Dufay, Festa, A. Scarlatti, Carissimi

The present recording argues forcefully for Dufay's various mass sections as important works in his oeuvre. Although, retrospectively, the cantus firmus mass cycles are seen as epochal, Dufay's writing in individual movements here is also stimulating and certainly comparable to e.g. many of his more famous motets.

Parenthetical numbers above are from the Besseler Opera Omnia edition.

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