Salomone Rossi: Violin music

Salomone Rossi "Hebreo"
Il terzo libro de varie sonate, sinfonie, gagliarde, brandi e corrente
Il Ruggiero - Emanuela Marcante
Tactus 571801


  1. Sonata prima
  2. Sonata seconda
  3. Sonata terza
  4. Sonata quarta
  5. Sonata quinta
  6. Sonata sesta
  7. Sinfonia prima
  8. Sinfonia seconda
  9. Sinfonia terza
  10. Sinfonia quarta
  11. Sinfonia quinta
  12. Sinfonia sesta
  13. Sinfonia settima
  14. Sinfonia ottava
  15. Sinfonia nona
  16. Gagliarda prima
  17. Gagliarda seconda
  18. Gagliarda terza
  19. Gagliarda quarta
  20. Gagliarda quinta
  21. Gagliarda sesta
  22. Gagliarda settima
  23. Gagliarda ottava
  24. Brando primo
  25. Brando secondo
  26. Brando terzo
  27. Corrente prima
  28. Corrente seconda
  29. Corrente terza
  30. Corrente quarta
  31. Corrente quinta
  32. Corrente sesta
  33. Corrente settima

Performers: Francesco la Bruna (violin), Sebastiano Cassarà (violin), Franziska Romaner (cello), Terrel Stone (theorbo), Emanuela Marcante (harpsichord), Zeno Zaccaria (cello)

Playing time: 76'

Recording date: April 1994

Salomone Rossi (fl.1587-1628) is one of the most enigmatic figures of the early Italian Baroque. He worked in Mantua, but little is known of his life & career, aside from the fact that he was Jewish, and wrote the earliest published music on Hebrew texts in his Songs of Solomon. He also wrote published collections of madrigals and canzonettes, plus the instrumental music which forms four of his thirteen published collections.

Rossi was one of the most original early composers for violin, adopting the continuo early, and providing a wide scope of virtuoso ideas. Three-voice writing is favored, and as is typical, there is a predominance of dance rhythm. The four books were published in 1607, 1608, 1613 & 1622.

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