Ars Britannica

Ars Britannica
Old Hall Manuscript / Madrigals / Lute Songs
Pro Cantione Antigua
Teldec (Das Alte Werk) 6.35 494 (3 LPs)
Musical Heritage Society MHS 83 7402 (3 LPs)
Teldec (Das Alte Werk) 46004 (2 CDs)


    Old Hall Manuscript

  1. Cooke: Alma proles (4 voices, organ)
  2. Dunstable: Crux fidelis (4 voices, organ)
  3. Forest: Qualis est dilectus (3 voices)
  4. Dunstable: O crux gloriosa (3 voices, organ)
  5. Pycard: Gloria (7 voices)
  6. Damett: Salve porta paradisi (3 voices)
  7. Dunstable: Gaude virgo (5 voices, organ)
  8. Power: Credo (6 voices)
  9. Dunstable: Albanus roseo rutilat (4 voices, organ)
  10. Chirbury: Agnus Dei (3 voices)
  11. Madrigals

  12. Weelkes: Those sweet delightful lilies (5 voices)
  13. Weelkes: Some men desire spouses (3 voices)
  14. Ward: Retire, my troubled soul (6 voices)
  15. Morley: Hark, jolly shepherds (4 voices)
  16. Byrd: Come, woeful Orpheus (5 voices)
  17. Weelkes: Come sirrah Jack ho! (3 voices)
  18. Ward: O my thoughts surcease (4 voices)
  19. Morley: Die now, my heart (4 voices)
  1. Tomkins: O let me dye for true love (4 voices)
  2. Wilbye: Lady, when I behold (4 voices)
  3. Weelkes: Come, let's begin to revel't out (3 voices)
  4. Pilkington: Care for thy soul (5 voices)
  5. Wilbye: As matchless beauty (4 voices)
  6. Wilbye: Weep, o mine eyes (3 voices)
  7. Morley: You black bright stars (5 voices)
  8. Tomkins: O yes, has any found a lad? (4 voices)
  9. Lute Songs

  10. Pilkington: Diaphenia (4 voices, lute, viol)
  11. Jones: Thinkst thou Kate (voice, lute)
  12. Pilkington: Down-a-down (4 voices, lute, viol)
  13. Dowland: A shepherd in a shade (4 voices, lute, viol)
  14. Dowland: Fine knacks for ladies (voice, lute, viol)
  15. Dowland: Where sin sore wounding (4 voices)
  16. Campion: Never weather-beaten sail (4 voices, lute, viol)
  17. Campion: Jack and Jone (4 voices, lute, viol)
  18. Ford: Since first I saw (4 voices, lute, viol)
  19. Ford: There is a lady (4 voices, lute, viol)
  20. Dowland: I must complain (4 voices)
  21. Campion: A secret love (3 voices, lute)
  22. Dowland: Sweet, stay awhile (4 voices)
  23. Dowland: Mr. Dowland's midnight (lute)
  24. Dowland: Now, oh now I needs must part (4 voices, lute, viol)

Performers: Paul Esswood, Kevin Smith, Richard Hill, Charles Brett, James Griffett, James Lewington, Ian Partridge, Ian Thompson, Brian Etheridge, Michael George, Christopher Keyte, Christopher Underwood, Stephen Roberts, David Thomas, Alan Cuckston (organ), Christopher Wilson (lute), William Hunt (viol); Direction: Bruno Turner (Old Hall), Geoffrey Mitchell (Madrigals), Ian Partridge (Lute Songs)

Playing time: 132'

Recording dates: July 1977, July 1978; re-released: 1992

Reviewed in:
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.): 4/5- (may/june 1981)

A recording by the present ensemble from this period, featuring madrigals:

The Triumphs of Oriana: Madrigals
Pro Cantione Antiqua - Ian Partridge
Archiv Collectio Argentea 437 076

A recording devoted to Francis Pilkington (c.1570-1638):

Pilkington: Music Dear Solace to my Thoughts
Songs from the First Booke of Ayres and Lute Solos
Bruce Scott Fithian / Olav Chris Henriksen
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