Johann Sebastian Bach & Handel

Johann Sebastian Bach: Cantate 170 & 54 - Agnus Dei & Handel: Airs from Jephta, Theodora and Orlando
Alfred Deller, Leonhardt Baroque Ensemble - Gustav Leonhardt, dir., Handel Festival Orchestra - Sir Anthony Lewis, cond., Herbert Tachezi
Vanguard (Arcade) Classics 08 5069 71 [Europe] or
Vanguard (Omega) Classics; OVC 8106 [NA]


    Johann Sebastian Bach: Cantata No. 170 « Vergnügte Ruh' beliebte Seelenlust »
  1. Aria: Vergnügte Ruh'
  2. Recitative: Die Welt, das Sündenhaus
  3. Aria: Wie jammern
  4. Recitative: Wer solte sich
  5. Aria: Wie leid ist mir das Leben

  6. Johann Sebastian Bach: Cantata No. 54 « Widerstehe doch der Sünde »
  7. Aria: Widerstehe
  8. Recitative: Die Art
  9. Aria: Wer Sunde tut

  10. Johann Sebastian Bach: Mass, in B minor
  11. Agnus Dei

  12. George Frideric Handel: Air from Orlando-Opera (1733-London)
  13. Ah! Stigie larve

  14. George Frideric Handel: Air from Jephta-Oratorio (1752) HWV 70
  15. 'Tis Heaven's All-Ruling Pow'r

  16. George Frideric Handel: Airs from Theodora-Oratorio (1750) HWV 68
  17. Kind Heav'n, if Virtue be thy care
  18. Sweet Rose, and Lilly, flow'ry Form

Playing time: 59' 20"

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Excerpts (from original release):
[1]-[9] Vanguard « The Bach Guild » BG 550 [LP] Johann Sebastian Bach: Cantata No. 170 - Cantata No. 54 - Agnus Dei
[10]-[13] Vanguard «The Bach Guild » BG 601 [LP] Handel's Connoisseurs: arias and ensemble from the neglected Opera or Oratorios

Reviewed in:
Diapason (#-p.): 409-188 (November 1994)
Gramophone (Vol./#-p.): 72/860-82 (January 1995)

Tracks [1]-[9] are from the very first recording on historic instruments made by Gustav Leonhardt and Nikolaus Harnoncourt (as per Omega Vanguard CD booklet). Leonhardt said: "Deller was superb, we were atrocious"; it is partly true but this LP was considererd as a "cult" recording, praised by many; this re-issue appeared in the north american catalogue (june 1997) after being "no longer available " for more than 30 years. If you want to purchase only one Deller's CD, for Deller only, purchase this one without the slightest hesitation. But, if you want to purchase only one copy of cantata no. 54, then purchase the Gould/Oberlin's video.

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Pierre-F. Roberge