Johann Sebastian Bach: Cantata No. 170 – Agnus Dei – Cantata No. 54

Johann Sebastian Bach
Cantata No. 170 – Agnus Dei – Cantata No. 54
Alfred Deller, Leonhardt Baroque Ensemble – Gustav Leonhardt, cond.
Vanguard « The Bach Guild » BG-550 [LP, mono, NA]
Amadeo AVR 6149 [LP, mono, Europe]
Nixa (Pye / Vanguard) PVL 7028 [LP, UK]
Fra Bernardo 120 709 2 [download]


    Johann Sebastian Bach: Cantata No. 170 « Vergnügte Ruh' beliebte Seelenlust »
  1. Aria: Vergnügte Ruh'
  2. Recitative / Aria
    1. Recitative: Die Welt, das Sündenhaus
    2. Aria: Wie jammern
  3. Recitative / Aria
    1. Recitative: Wer solte sich
    2. Aria: Wie leid ist mir das Leben

  4. Johann Sebastian Bach: Mass, in B minor
  5. Agnus Dei

  6. Johann Sebastian Bach: Cantata No. 54 « Widerstehe doch der Sünde »
  7. Aria / Recitative / Aria
    1. Aria: Widerstehe
    2. Recitative: Die Art
    3. Aria: Wer Sunde tut

Alfred Deller (counter-tenor)
Leonhardt Baroque Ensemble
Michel Piguet (oboe), Eduard Melkus (baroque violin), Marie Leonhardt (baroque violin), Kurt Theiner (baroque viola), Alice Hoffelner (baroque viola), Nicolaus Harnoncourt (baroque 'cello), Alfred Planiawsky (baroque double-bass), Gustav Leonhardt (organ)
Gustav Leonhardt, dir.

Playing time: 23' 08" + (5' 29" + 13' 26") = 42' 03"

Recording site and date:
Franziskanerkirche, Vienna [05/1954];
Rel.: 1954; Fra Bernardo release: 2015

Vanguard (Arcade) Classics « Alfred Deller edition » 08 5069 71 [CD, Europe] Bach: Cantata 10, 54 & Agnus Dei - Haendel: Airs
Diapason « Les Indispensables de ... » No 3 [CD] Alfred Deller: Œuvres de Bach, Purcell, Dowland, Parsons, Bartlett & Campian
Musical Concepts MC 195 [CDx6 + CD-ROM] Alfred Deller « The Complete Vanguard Recordings », Volume FOUR: Music of Handel Bach and English Renaissance

[6] Vanguard VSD 729/30 [LPx2] The Art of Alfred Deller

Reviewed in:
Gramophone (Vol./#-p.): 33/395-425 (Apr 1956)

Information from LP & CD.
This is the very first recording on historic instruments made by Gustav Leonhardt and Nikolaus Harnoncourt (as per Omega Vanguard CD booklet). This LP was considererd as a "cult" recording, praised by many; it has reappeared in the North American catalogue (june 1997) after being "no longer available" for more than 30 years. Leonhardt said: "Deller was superb, we were atrocious". If you want to purchase only one Deller's recording, for Deller only, purchase this one without the slightest hesitation; but, if you want to purchase only one copy of cantata no. 54, then purchase the Gould/Oberlin's video.

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