Music at the Burgundian Court

Music at the Burgundian Court
Dufay, Ockeghem, Obrecht
Pro Musica Antiqua - Safford Cape
Vanguard Everyman 08 6124 71


  1. Anon: Dance - Dit le Bourguynon (3 viols, recorder, lute, drum)
  2. Arnold de Lantins: Puisque je voy, belle (contralto, 3 viols)
  3. Dufay: Hé! Compaignons (2 tenors, recorder, 2 viols, lute)
  4. Ockeghem: D'un autre amer cueur s'abesseroit? (3 viols)
  5. Obrecht: Tsat een meskin (recorder, 2 viols, lute)
  6. Morton: N'araige-je jamais mieulx (soprano, 3 viols, lute)
  7. Dufay: J'attendray tant qu'il vous playra (3 voices, viol, recorder, lute)
  8. Dufay: Veni Sancte Spiritus (recorder, viol, lute)
  9. Dufay: Hosanna from Missa Se la face ay pale (voices, 3 viols, recorder, lute)
  10. Binchois: Amours merchi (recorder, 2 viols, lute)
  11. Binchois: De plus en plus (soprano, 2 viols, lute)
  12. Binchois: Amoreux suy (tenor, bass, recorder, lute, viol)
  13. Binchois: Adieu, Adieu, mon joieulx souvenir (recorder, 2 viols, lute)
  14. Binchois: Je loe Amours (soprano, recorder, lute, viol)
  15. Binchois: Triste plaisir (contralto, 3 viols)
  16. Binchois: Filles à marier (2 trebles, recorder, 2 viols, lute, drum)
  17. Binchois: Beata nobis gaudia (recorder, 3 viols, lute)
  18. Binchois: Agnus Dei (voices, recorder, 3 viols, lute)

Previously issued as: Vanguard 634 LP

Performers: René Letroye (tenor, tracks #3 & #12), Franz Mertens (tenor, track #3), Max Bourdon (bass, track #12); no others listed

Playing time: 52'

Production date: 1954; CD reissue: 1996

The lack of performer details is very unfortunate here, but the reissue is otherwise of high quality, including the graphic design. There is no question but that Cape was far ahead of his time in the 1950s. This release is easily comparable to contemporary issues, and similar in style to present Continental ensembles.

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Todd M. McComb