Ockeghem: Requiem – Missa Mi-Mi – Missa Prolationum ...

Johammes Ockeghem
Requiem – Missa Mi-Mi – Missa Prolationum – Marian Motets
The Hilliard Ensemble
Virgin Classics « Veritas X2 » (EMI) 628492-2 [CDx2]


    This is a compilation of two previously released LP/CD:


    EMI « Reflexe » 067 270098-1 [LP] Johannes Ockeghen: Requiem / Missa Mi-Mi


    EMI « Reflexe » CDC7 49798 [CD] Johannes Ockeghem: Missa Prolationum / Marian Motets

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Rel.: 2010

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Information from Gramophone (May 2010) "New Releases".

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