Fretwork - Sit Fast

Sit Fast
Virgin 45217


  1. Barry Guy (b.1947): Buzz
  2. Isaac: O decus ecclesiae - I
  3. O decus ecclesiae - II
  4. Poul Ruders (b.1949): Second Set of Changes
  5. Tan Dun (b.1957): A Sinking Love
  6. Tye: Sit Fast - I
  7. Sit Fast - II
  8. Simon Bainbridge (b.1952): Henry's Mobile
  9. Sally Beamish (b.1956): In dreaming
  10. Ferrabosco: Hexachord fantasy - I
  11. Hexachord fantasy - II
  12. Peter Sculthorpe (b.1929): Djilile
  13. Ockeghem: Ut heremita solus - I
  14. Ut heremita solus - II
  15. Gavin Bryars (b.1943): In Nomine
  16. Elvis Costello (b.1954): Put away forbidden playthings - I
  17. Put away forbidden playthings - II

Performers: Wendy Gillespie, Richard Campbell, William Hunt, Julia Hodgson, Susanna Pell, Richard Boothby (viols); Michael Chance (countertenor - tracks #5, #16 & #17), Paul Agnew (tenor - track #9)

Playing time: 76'

Recording dates: April & May 1996 (Suffolk)

There is a large variety of material here, most of it oriented to string technique. Some of the modern works include voice, but the string ensemble is always more-or-less typical in its deployment. The contrast with the "true" consort repertory as well as with the 15th century arrangements is noticeable depending on the piece, but the program as a whole has a nice coherence.

Several pieces are divided into two sections (for unknown reasons), but not played twice.

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