Hendrik [Heinrich, Heynrijck] van Veldeke [Veldeken, von Veldeke], (b Veldeke, nr Maastricht, 1140-1150; d c1190), a discography

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This is a nearly complete discography of Hendrik van Veldeke
It will updated as needed.

Literary and Musicological notes.
According to Burkhard Kippenberg in Grove Music Online (2004), some 61 strophes survive with ascribptions, of which about 15 were previously considerd inauthentic... None survives with music ...

Part I lists Hendrik van Veldeke's works, known by contrafactum, then in alphabetical order of label:
Part I lists only original releases.

Part II lists recordings in part I, but re-edited from LP or tape to CD, or the most recent release of those originally issued on CD; this list includes also those released only on cassettes or video.
When no number precedes the entry, it means that the CD or tape contains only composite sections or is an anthology of a CD or tape already listed in Part II.

Part III lists any recordings newly or soon to be released.

Pierre-F. Roberge


1. Alse dî vogele blîdelîke (MF 65.28)
? contrafactum of Richard de Semilli, 'Quant la sesons renouvele' (R.614; A)

  1. Verlag der Spielleute CD 1407 [CD]
    Ich zôch mir einen falken
    Minnesangs frühling
    Rec.: 2002

2. Ich bin blî, sint dî dague (MF 57.10)
? contrafactum of Pierre de Molins, 'Fine amours et bone esperance' (R.221; A)

3. Só wêder minnen is sô vrût (MF 61.33)
? contrafactum of Gace Brulé, 'Oiés por quoi plaing et sopir' (R.1465; A)

4. Swenn diu zît alsô gestât (MF 67.9) (Pseudo-Veldeke)
? contrafactum of Bernart de Ventadorn, 'Quan vei la lauzeta mover' (PC 70.43; A)


Material listed above originally issued on CD or transferred to CD (most recent release) or only on cassettes.

  1. Verlag der Spielleute CD 1407 [CD]
    Ich zôch mir einen falken
    Minnesangs frühling
    Rec.: 2003


Newly or soon to be released recordings, or previously released but the precise content is unknown.

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