Recordings Demonstrating Instruments

There are some recording collections which do a nice job of describing various instruments. This list definitely needs work, but as a start:

Instruments of the Middle Ages & Renaissance
David Munrow
Yamano Music 1031-1032 (2 CDs)
Guides des Instruments anciens
Various performers
Ricercar 100 (8 CDs + book)
Dictionary of Medieval & Renaissance Instruments
Various Artists
Cantus 9705/6 (2 CDs)
Instruments et musiques du Moyen Âge
Various performers
Éditions Musicales Lugdivine "Them'Axe" 7 (2CD + book)
The Instruments of the Middle Ages and Renaissance
Musica Reservata of London - Michael Morrow
Vanguard 8093/4 (2CDs)
L'art des Instruments anciens
Various groups
Arion 36028 (3 LPs)
Dictionnaire des Instruments anciens
Clemencic Consort / Ars Musicae de Barcelone / Ensemble Ricercare / Atrium Musicae / Schola Cantorum de Londres
Harmonia Mundi 445 (3 LPs)

Also, an anthology that does a fine job showing many different developments & sonorities for a specific instrument:

Reflections - on a millennium of harps
Various performers
Academica 020505

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