Beauty Farm - Discography

Beauty Farm is a vocal ensemble based in Austria (out of Kartause Mauerbach) and specializing in later Franco-Flemish music. It seems to have taken up the prior activities of The Sound and the Fury, and has already made a number of landmark recordings since early in its existence.

Original Recordings

Recordings, listed chronologically:

Gombert Motets
Fra Bernardo 150421 [CDx2]
Gombert Motets II
Fra Bernardo 1612457 [CDx2]
Ockeghem Masses
Fra Bernardo 1701743
Bauldeweyn Masses
Fra Bernardo 1709761 [CDx2]
La Rue Masses
Fra Bernardo 1800751 [CDx2]
Obrecht Masses
Fra Bernardo 1905157 [CDx2]
Ockeghem Masses 2
Fra Bernardo 1909373 [CDx2]
Gombert Masses
Fra Bernardo 200 5329 [CDx2]
Missa Papae Marcelli
Fra Bernardo 2017671
Gombert Motets 3
Fra Bernardo 2231711 [CDx2]
Tinctoris / Barbingant: Masses
Fra Bernardo 227 9347
Barbireau: Mass / Motets
Fra Bernardo 238 8771

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