Ensemble Tre Fontane - A discography

Conception & research: Pierre-F. Roberge
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Last update: 09/25/2016

This is an "under construction" and for now a deemed complete discography of the Ensemble Tre Fontane

The Ensemble Tre Fontane mostly devoted, since 1985, its performance to the interpretation of italian estampies and to the study of Troubadours' repertory. The Ensemble also interpreted works by Guillaume de Machaut, the "Faenxa Codex" and the "Codex Las Huelgas".

I tried to list titles according to their label and release dates. In the linked section, I followed the track order of the recording. The number appearing before the entry refers to an original recording; if no number appears it is a compilation. Any comments could be directed to my E-mail address (pfr@videotron.ca). Credit for any significant contribution will be given at the end of the discography.

Pierre-F. Roberge

  1. TRFC 0187
    L'Art des Jongleurs, Vol. 1 - Estampies Italiennes / Virelais de Machaut
    Rec.: [1987]

  2. TRFC 0288
    Contes du Moyen-Âge - Danses des Jongleurs
    Rec.: [1988]

  3. TRFC 0389
    L'Art des Jongleurs, Vol. 2 - Estampies italiennes, virelais et ballades de Guillaume de Machaut, extraits du Codex Faenza
    Rec.: [1989]

  4. TRFC 0491
    Le chant des Troubadours, Vol. 1 - Les Troubadours aquitains: Intégrale des mélodies de Guillaume de Potiers, Jaufré Rudel & Marcabru
    Rec.: [1991]

  5. Adda 590 129
    L'Art des Jongleurs, Vol. 3 - Estampies italiennes du XIVe siècle (Intégrale)
    Rel.: [1993]

  6. Adda Álba musica "Collection Patrimoine" 590 130
    Le chant des Troubadours, Vol. 2 - Les Troubadours du Périgord
    Rec.: [1993]

  7. Musidisc Álba musica "Collection Patrimoine" 244 882
    Guillaume de Machaut & le Codex Faenza - Musiques des XIVème et XVème siècles
    Rec.: [1993]

  8. Álba musica "Collection Patrimoine" AL 0397
    Le Codex Las Huelgas: Chants polyphoniques espagnols du XIIIe siècle
    Rec.: [1997]

  9. Álba musica "Collection Patrimoine" AL 0198 / Pneuma PN 090
    Luz de la Mediterrania - De la Occitania a l'Andalucía medieval
    Rec.: [1998]

  10. Álba musica AL 0199
    Florilège - Tre Fontane Vol. 10
    Rec.: [2000 or prior]

  11. Álba musica AL 1207 [CD]
    Musiques à la cour d'Aliénor d'Aquitaine - Vol. 12
    Rec.: [2007]

  12. Alba Musica AL1312 [CD]
    Jaufré Rudel
    Tre Fontane Vol. 13
    Rec.: [2011]

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