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The present discography of Schola Hungarica, as directed by Laszlo Dobszay and Janka Szendrei, was originally prepared by Bela Zsolt Szakacs. Subsequent listings have been added by Todd McComb, including some additional information provided by Jerome F. Weber. Recordings are listed chronologically by production date, and these may differ from recording dates.

Gregorian Chants from Hungary 1. Christmas / Magyar Gregorianum 1. A karacsonyi uennepkoer dallamai
Hungaroton HCD 11477 (LP issued in 1978, CD issued in 1986)
Gregorian Chants from Hungary 2. Advent - Christmas - Pentecost / Magyar Gregorianum 2. Advent - Karacsony - Puenkoesd
Hungaroton HCD 12048 (1979)
Gregorian Chants from Hungary 3. Holy Week / Magyar Gregorianum 3. Nagyhet
Hungaroton HCD 12049 (1979)
Gregorian Chants from Hungary 4. Easter / Magyar Gregorianum 4. Husvet
Hungaroton HCD 12050 (1980)
Gregorian Chants from Hungary 5. The Hungarian Saints / Magyar Gregorianum 5. Magyar szentek
Hungaroton HCD 12169 (1981)
Gregorian Chants from Hungary 6. Chants of the Blessed Mary - Funeral Chants / Magyar Gregorianum 6. Maria enekek - Temetes
Hungaroton HCD 12170 (1981)
Ludus Danielis. Play of Daniel / Daniel-jatek
Hungaroton HCD 12457 (1983)
Memory of Thomas Becket / Becket Tamas emlekezete
Matutinum, Laudes, Misa, Vesperae
Hungaroton HCD 12458 (1983)
Magyar Nyelvemlekek [Old-Hungarian Texts and Music]
Hungaroton SLPX 19172 (1983) [only LP as far as I know]
Vespers for Christmas and Easter / Karacsonyi es husveti vecsernyek
Hungaroton HCD 12533 (1984)
Liber Sapientiae. The Book of Wisdom / A Boelcsesseg Koenyve
Gregorian antiphons, psalms, lectures and responsories in medieval codices from Hungary, C. Merulo: Versi dell'ottavo tono, G. Dufay: Magnificat
Hungaroton HCD 12534-2 (1984)
Easter's Herold / Husvet hirnoeke
Hungaroton HCD 12558 (1985)
Epiphany. Gregorian Chants fom Hungary / Vizkereszt including "Tractus stellae" (Play of the Star)
Hungaroton HCD 12559 (1985)
Istvanffy, Benedek: Musica Sacra
Hungaroton SLPD 12733 (1986) [LP, also in CD?]
Old Roman Liturgical Chants / O-romai liturgikus enekek
Hungaroton HCD 12741 (1986)
Gregorian Chants in a Village Church. Advent Mass "Rorate" - Palm Sunday Procession / Gregorian egy falusi templomban. Rorate mise - Viragvasarnap
Hungaroton HCD 12742 (1986)
Plays of Saint Nicholas / Szent Miklos-jatekok
St. Nicholas and the three girls, St. Nicholas and Getron's son, St. Nicholas and the robbed merchant, excerpts from the Mass and Vespers of St. Nicholas
Hungaroton HCD 12887-88 (2 CDs) (1987)
Ambrozian Liturgical Chants / Ambrozian liturgikus enekek
Hungaroton HCD 12889 (1987)
Gregorian Chants from Austria. From Christmas to Epiphany - Office of St Rupert / Gregorian enekek Ausztriabol. Karacsonytol Vizkeresztig - Szent Rupert zsolozsmaja
Hungaroton HCD 12950 (1988)
Dufay: Hymns
with introductory gregorian chants from the Cambrai Antiphonal
Hungaroton HCD 12951 (1988)
Hungaria Sacra
Hungaroton SLPX 31044 (1988) [only LP as far as I know]
Bartok: Two- and Three-Part Choruses / 27 egynemu kar
Hungaroton HCD 31080 (1989)
Plainchant from Prague / Gregorian enekek Pragabol
Hungaroton HCD 31085 (1989)
From Evening to Evening with Gregorian Chant / Estetol esteig gregorian enekekkel
Hungaroton HCD 31086 (1989)
Beneventan Chants. Holy Saturday - Feast of the Holy Twelve Brothers / Beneventan liturgikus enekek. Nagyszombat - A Tizenket Szent Testver uennepe
Hungaroton HCD 31168 (1990)
Guillaume du Fay: Recollectio Festorum Beatae Mariae Virginis
Hungaroton HCD 31169 (1990)
Chant Gregorien d'Aquitaine
Quintana - Harmonia mundi QUI 403031 (1991) [this is a casette, there was a CD too]
From Adam to Abraham / Adamtol Abrahamig
Quintana - Harmonia mundi QUI 903032
La Nuit de Noel
Quintana - Harmonia mundi QUI 903037 (1992)
Gregorian Christmas - Chants and Motets
LaserLight / Delta Music 107 (1993)
From Abraham to Moses / Abrahamtol Mozesig
Quintana - Harmonia mundi QUI 903038
Sequences from Nonantola / Sequentiak Nonantolabol
Quintana QUI 903084 (1993)
The Historia of St. Erik / Erik den Heliges Hystorya
Musica Sveciae "Swedish Music Anthology" MSCD 103 (1994)
A Pilgrimage to Rome. Old-Roman Liturgical Chants / Romai zarandokut oromai liturgikus enekkel
Hungaroton HCD 31574 (1995)
St. Elisabeth of Hungary. Two Medieval Offices / Magyarorszagi Szent Erzsebet. Ket koezepkori zsolozsma
The Cambrai Office, The Central European Office
Hungaroton HCD 31605 (1995)
Historia Sancti Emmerami
Calig CAL 50 983 (1996)
Istvanffy, Benedek: Missa Sanctificabis Annum Quinquagesimum, 1774
Hungaroton HCD 31723 (1997)
Historiae. The Offices of St. Lawrence's and Mary Magdalen's / Historiak. Gregorian tetelek Szt. Lorinc es Maria Magdolna zsolozsmajabol
Hungaroton HCD 31760 (1998)
Gregorian Chants from Medieval Hungary #7
The Istanbul Antiphonary
Hungaroton HCD 31816 (1999)
The Holy Lady of Chartres
Hungaroton, HCD 31922 (2000)
Ravenna: The City of Mosaics
Hungaroton HCD 32014 (2001)
The Offertory - Gregorian Chant and Palestrina
Hungaroton HCD 32069 (2002)
The Story of Job in Gregorian Chant & Polyphony
Hungaroton HCD 32239 (2004)
Gregorian Chants in Hungarian
Hungaroton HCD 32157 (2004)
The Voice of the Psalms
Gregorian and Ambrosian Chants. Psalm Chorales by Bach
Hungaroton HCD 32316 (2005)
German Medieval Chant
Naxos 8.557412 (2005)
Der Kardinal Albrecht von Brandenburg
Liturgische Festprozessionen am Neuen Stift in Halle
Naxos 8.551255 (2006)
Old Roman Liturgical Chant
Hungaroton HCD 32358 (2006)
Polyphonic Vespers for St. Michael's and St. Martin's Day
Budapest Music Center 128 (2007)
The feast of Corpus Christi - Gregorian Chant and Du Fay
Budapest Music Center 140 (2008)
Ambrosian Chants for Epiphany
Budapest Music Center 165 (2014)
Post-Tridentine Gregorian Chant in Hungary
Budapest Music Center 193 (2014)
Crux Gloriosa
Mono and Polyphonic Liturgical Chants in Honour of the Holy Cross
Budapest Music Center 206 (2014)
Adventus Domini
Advent Proper from Graduale cum neumis, A-Gu 807
Budapest Music Center 213 (2017, rec. 10/2010)

A special issue edited by L. Dobszay:

Gregorian Chants and Ballades among the Csangos / Gregorian enekek es balladak a csangoknal
from the Kallos Archive and the Archive of the Institute for Musicology of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Hungaroton HCD 18230 (1997)
[original records of a Hungarian community, living in Romania, which conserved plainchant as liturgical music up to the 20th century]

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